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Only Imperial Stormtroopers Are So Precise…

Only recently I’ve been notified of the existence of this LEGO set, along with the discovery of a new LEGO store on my island. :3c

Paying a visit to the aforementioned specialised LEGO store netted me another impulse acquisition. 


Prior to this, my collection of LEGO 7965 Millennium Falcon on Star Wars Day last year had me eager for some Stormtrooper minifigs due to the lack of them in the set.

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In celebrating me levelling up yesterday, I had a wonderful lunch at a local hotel’s café along with my family.

Kotoburd tagged along with us for some pecking too…


Ooooooo, Kotoburd seems to be mesmerised by them pretty glass of… water… ^^;

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Official Announcement of AFA15

It’s barely a month since new year, and the officials already announced the date for this year’s Anime Festival Asia.


No need for speculations and wild guessing like last year! XDc 

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Numbered 444 (Was hoping for 25252 due to her favourite quote, oh well…) in the series, Nendoroid Yazawa Nico finally made her way to my hands after much hiccups between me and my supplier’s busy schedule to meet up for collection.


I’ve been waiting for 25252 to become a Nendo for quite some time now.

Good thing she’s the 1st in line amongst the 9 members of her group. XDc

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