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Hey! 提督ぅー。 いつも頑張ってるけど、あまり無理はしないで欲しいデース!

Reached me door steps some time during early December via EMS, is Kongou Kai II from Bandai x Tamashii Nations Armour Girls Project of the ever popular browser game Kantai Collection.

There was supposed to be another parcel, shipped via unregistered SAL, that should be arrived at around the same period, but it never delivered even to this date.


The said parcel contains the add-on wave effect part for this Kongou, along with Takara Tomy’s Blackarachnia.

I’m afraid it has been lost during the holidays (Or the Postal Dude stole it to be their Christmas presents… D:), and upon contact Amiami refused to reimburse or help me over the matter since it doesn’t have a registered tracking number… T^T

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Can’t Say Goodbye to Yesterday

But I must, as we’d already entered the dawn of a new year!



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A Gathering of Collectors

Got an invitation to join a gathering of us local collectors of various anime/manga/game figures and toys, last weekend.

We were encouraged to bring along some of our collections for display, as this is also an exhibition event or sort, in a local mall close by.


Incidentally within the same day, there are other events going on around town, on the island and main land. The Bounenkai, a cosplayers event at another mall nearby; Danny Choo’s Culture Japan Night (Noon infact, just like the one 3 years back, same venue even… ^^;) at yet another venue, still within the island; And Day 2 of an ACG event called TAGCON in the main land.

As I’ve already promised and committed to turn out in the Anime Collectible & Games Penang event, I’d to abandon the idea of attending the rest, although my close friends did managed to visit them in my stead. XDc

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A Tease of the Holy Night

Merry Christmas everyone! 

Nothing much this year due to an extremely narrow schedule for the weekend. 


Schoolmate’s wedding luncheon to attend to and a figure collectors’ event (3 events in total fall on the same day and time!!! Had to ditch the other 2 due to already committed on this one…) to take part as well…  

Nevertheless, here’s a shot of some of my newest Nendoroid collections that I’ve finally unbox, celebrating the Holy Night… ^^;

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I am a Jedi, Like My Father Before Me

Previously during my post on LEGO Star Wars 5002948 C-3PO, I mentioned that I got him along with an extra.

Not really an extra per se as I had to pay for it too, but the combined price of both LEGO sets did allowed me to be eligible for free shipping. So why not? w  


The LEGO Star Wars 75111 Darth Vader set I got some time before is a powerful Sith Lord. And he needed a challenge in the form of a Jedi opponent. Here’s where the LEGO Star Wars 75110 Luke Skywalker set comes in.

Hailed from the same line as Vader, the Buildable Figure allows you to assemble your Luke Skywalker piece by piece, and contains a number of joints and accessories for lots of posing fun.

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