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Western Serving of an Extella Fate?

XSEED Games, a company known to localise many Japanese games to its audience in the past, recently registered a certain domain named…  

Does this suggest a confirmation of Fate/Extella going to have an English localisation?


Or will the game be JP dubbed but EN/JP subbed?

Only time will tell… 0w0


For the longest time now, ご主人様 has been neglecting タマちゃん and failed to attend to タマちゃん’s needs. 

タマちゃん has had enough of this!!!


It is time タマちゃん going back to the void that is the 英霊の座.

Goodbye, ご主人様. It’s been a pleasure knowing and serving ご主人様…

P.S.: Don’t come looking for タマちゃん! Don’t try to summon タマちゃん again, タマちゃん will never ever answer ご主人様’s call again!

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Last Encore of an Extra Fate

The countdown timer ends at Fate/Extella‘s main site!

Announced just a few hours earlier during Anime Japan 2016 are a few Fate Universe projects, amongst them include a couple of anime: Fate/Stay Night Heaven’s Feel movie trilogy, as well as Fate/Extra Last Encore TV animation series!


As a devoted fan of the PSP game series ever since its conception, I must say I’m very excited of the news.

Although the main heroine will be Nero (Which is a given, being a Saber-face and all) but not Tamamo, I’m still interested on how will they adapt the game’s story into the anime series. 

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Form Changing of an Extella Fate

Updated on the official site, Nero is shown in her alternate appearance called the Form Change, a new Musou system introduced in the game…


Nero’s Form Change kinda reminds me of Aigis from Persona 3, albeit with more fiery passion than ever… =w=

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Civilisation Destroyer of an Extella Fate

Updated on the official site, Attila (The new face from Fate/Grand Order) is showcased along with a couple other playable Servants of Fate/Extella…


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