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Junior Gorgon of an Extella Fate

Updated on the official site, Medusa of the Rider class is showcased along with another playable Servant into the growing list of Servants in Fate/Extella…


The youngest of the Gorgon sisters in the Greek mythology, Medusa clad in her skin-tight outfit full of Tron lines, a staple to the Fate/Extra series.

She is a part of Tamamo’s faction.

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Opening the Shaft of an Extella Fate

Shaft, the studio behind the original OP for Fate/Extra CCC as well as many known anime series like the Monogatari saga and Puella Magi Madoka Magica, once again animated the opening animation, this time for Fate/Extella…


The said OP has been revealed today to the public unexpectedly by the official!

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Running Punch at AFA16

World’s first: One Punch Man Run

Hero for Fun in Singapore 2016

Global sensation Japanese animation comes to Singapore as part of Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2016!


One Punch Man Run: Hero for Fun, is the world’s first fun run themed after the Japanese hit animation sensation, “One Punch Man”. This event is presented by Avex Asia.

This event is part of the lineup of Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2016 (AFA SG 16), and it will happen on the 26th of November (Saturday) from 7am in the morning. The run village will be located at F1 Village and the route includes the road along F1 Pit Building and Nicoll Highway. In proximity is the venue of AFA SG 16 at Suntec City Convention Center.

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Even More Servants’ Action of an Extella Fate

More short videos has been released today, this time showcasing the in-game action of a couple more Servants…


The fifth wave of the video series include Iskandar A.K.A. Alexander the Great and Jeanne d’Arc, both of them hailing from Attila’s faction.

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A Day’s Visit at a Mini Fiesta

Due to heavy amount of stress and workloads IRL, I’ve totally forgotten about this year’s Comic Fiesta Mini. Thank goodness I have my trusty schedule on my Sumaho to remind me of that.

Held during last weekend, CFMini 2016 once again held within the halls of Straits Quay Convention Centre, the same venue as prior year.


Although only attending the first day of the event, I’ve managed to capture a moderate amount of happenings into my trusty lens, this year equipped with a flash gun to properly illuminate the otherwise dim venue.

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