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Boundless Playthrough of an Extella Fate

For the last leg of the November release window, the official site has been updated with more info of the mechanics featured in Fate/Extella.


The newly added tabs on the System page on the official site expands more upon its DLC outfits, Free Mode and also In-game toggle-able Options. 

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Cash-Cow’s Action of an Extella Fate

The last of the Servants specific short videos has been released today, this time showcasing the cash-cow of the series, independent and not affiliated with any of the factions in the game.


The said cash-cow is none other than the original Saber, hailed from the first series Fate/Stay Night, the base of the many other Servants with the exact same facial feature…

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Western Delay of an Extella Fate

Hot in the heels of the newly released Japanese trailer last week, the English version unveiled theirs as well. =w=

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Second Japanese Trailer of an Extella Fate

With the release date getting closer and closer, the official site has been updated with yet another trailer for Fate/Extella, now fully showcased with all the announced Servants in action. =w=


The hype is getting real!

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Artiste Galore at AFA16

Partially announced during AFAID16, the line-up for this year’s I Love Anisong Concert at Singapore’s Anime Festival Asia 2016 has finally been updated, along with their profile on the official site.

While the pricing have yet to be decided, the ticketing sales info can be viewed here for now.


From the official site:

Anisong legends and rising stars will electrify the stage at the Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2016 I Love Anisong concert from 25 ~ 27 November 2016 at Suntec Convention & Exhibition Centre. Japanese popular culture lovers can bask in the catchy tunes featured in their favourite animation series and more!

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