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Alone with Tama-chan in MyRoom of an Extella Fate

The 4th round of the Servant Festa voting ended, with our beloved Tamamo no Mae championed the poll and become the MVP of the election. ^_^ 


To no one’s surprise, Tama-chan is the Masters’ favourite between the choice of her and Nero Claudius, overwhelmingly (I assume XDc) secured her place in the final round of the Festa.

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Clash of the Sabers of an Extella Fate

While the 4th round of the Servant Festa voting is underway, the result of the 3rd round is finally unveiled.


As expected, another short PV is created for the result of the mentioned poll.

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4th Round of the Servant Festa of an Extella Fate

The 3rd round of the Servant Festa voting ended, however surprisingly without any new PV as expected or result of the poll given… ^^;


Any way, here comes the 4th round!

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A Wonderful Hobby Announcements of the Summer

As usual, every time WonFes comes, my social mediums will be flooded with lots of updates on upcoming figures and stuff…  XDc

Today is no exception as it is the day of Wonder Festival 2016 Summer! 


Amongst the many exhibitions, GSC once again stold the spotlight with their many annoucements, from scaled figures to Figmas to Nendos…

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Store Exclusive DLCs of an Extella Fate

The main site of Fate/Extella updated with a few more info on the store exclusive bonuses, this time on the costume DLC codes for various characters…


These codes can be redeemed via PlayStation Store once you got your hands on them, and the DLC will be downloaded and installed into your game.

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