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A Chaldean Celebration of the 5th

Fate/Grand Order, one of the most popular mobage in market, celebrated its 5th anniversary of release last week.

Due to the invasion of the pandemic, the originally scheduled offline FGO Fes. event to be held in Tokyo Dome was cancelled and replaced with an online only live streaming earlier the week. 

As expected from the organisers, an abundance of info dump as well as shenanigan with many seiyuu guests were held “under the same sky”. =w=

Talking about Anniversary, of course there is a lucky bag banner available for gacha rolls. 


Modern Remake of an Extra Fate

The countdown since last week has ended earlier this Noon, unveiling the promised video for the celebration of Fate/Extra’s 10th anniversary celebration: an announcement of a remake of the original game itself!


Fate/Extra Record will feature modern graphical enhancements as well as a total change from its original Janken (rock-paper-scissors) gameplay into a more traditional JRPG turn-based combat.


A Countdown to the 10th Anniversary of an Extra Fate

A sudden unveiling on the official Studio BB site, a countdown page has been activated in celebration of the upcoming 10th anniversary of the beloved franchise, Fate/Extra.

A video is planned to be released once the countdown completes, along with whatever they are going to announce on the same day.


Since Studio BB has been established last year as means for Type-Moon to develop their own games in-house, one can hope something exciting will be revealed next week…

Perhaps a remake (And finally fully translated, since the official website have JP/EN options hinting that Studio BB will most likely cater to English speaking fans too) of Extra + CCC?

Crafting a Lostbelt in the 4th Moon

In these troubled times, humour never escapes the wonderful minds of the Japanese ACG culture, with many strange and out of this world announcements occured as soon as the clock strikes 0000 hours, signifying the start of the April Fools’ Day.

After the Dragon Quest spoof from last year, DW yet again offered a separate app on  the1st of April, allowing Masters of FGO to indulge themselves at a fun block building/busting shenanigan.


Unlike previous years, this special app, available to both the Android and iOS, will last until the 5th of April, breaking its own tradition of only available for the day itself! XDc


Delayed Season of Another Chaldean Love

It’s that time of the year again! Chaldea is in a state of emergency once more as the female Servants gathered around the canteen block in hopes to borrow the kitchen for their chocolate production, much to the dismay of a certain red-clothed chef.


While trying to come up with a high-quality recipe for mass production together with several other Servants, Lady Murasaki together with the Master accidentally transported ray-shifted to yet another interesting situation, to no one’s surprise…


Along came the new Valentine’s Servant for the year, a super genki and bubbly Gal with a unique penchant for uplifting the craziness factor of an already weird and somewhat fun event.