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Crafting a Lostbelt in the 4th Moon

In these troubled times, humour never escapes the wonderful minds of the Japanese ACG culture, with many strange and out of this world announcements occured as soon as the clock strikes 0000 hours, signifying the start of the April Fools’ Day.

After the Dragon Quest spoof from last year, DW yet again offered a separate app on  the1st of April, allowing Masters of FGO to indulge themselves at a fun block building/busting shenanigan.


Unlike previous years, this special app, available to both the Android and iOS, will last until the 5th of April, breaking its own tradition of only available for the day itself! XDc

Featuring the ever popular crazy chibi gang, the Riyo Servants once again rampaged in this mini game of blocky wanton destruction.


Using AR as its main feature once again, MyCraft Lostbelt’s ultimate goal is you trying to bring down your opponent’s blocky castle, before they did yours. XDc

Only 8 pillars footed your platform of gravity-sensitive blocks… Will your magnificent creation stand under barrages of Quartz cannons from your opponents?


True to its title, you can spend your precious hours stacking blocks piece by piece, trying to put together a castle of your dreams using option parts earned from missions, while keeping in mind on the steadiness of your construction, as well as how it can hold itself together long enough for you to bring down your opponent’s castle in battle.


Never forget the latest additions of Riyo’s Servants! Many FGO Servants were added since last year and of course all of them are subjected to the same Riyo-fication process, creating these absolutely adorable and somewhat crazy-looking chibi gang.

Jason’s art is perhaps the most hilarious of these new additions, with him  hiding behind his crew of SR Servants. 


Aside from this app, another will be released tomorrow, a rerun of the Pokemon GO spoof from back in 2017! Hopefully I can play it this time as back then I had trouble starting the game and lost the chance to play it, due to it being exclusive to only a day’s time.

Anyway, stay safe and have fun, you all!

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