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Grail Master(s) of an Extella Fate

More updates on the official site, this time focusing upon your avatar in the game, the Master(s) of the Holy Grail War in Fate/Extra.


You may have won the Holy Grail War and obtained the ultimate prize, but SE.RA.PH. is being subjected to a sudden change…


Onmyouji Form of an Extella Fate

Updated on the official site, it’s Tamamo’s turn to adorn her own Form Change…


Tama-chan’s Form Change resembles that of a Taoshi A.K.A. Onmyouji, with a couple of floating brush/tail that reminds me a lot of Kancolle’s Ship girls… XDc

Hmmm, I wonder what’s significant reason behind the design? www


Western Serving of an Extella Fate?

XSEED Games, a company known to localise many Japanese games to its audience in the past, recently registered a certain domain named…  

Does this suggest a confirmation of Fate/Extella going to have an English localisation?


Or will the game be JP dubbed but EN/JP subbed?

Only time will tell… 0w0

Form Changing of an Extella Fate

Updated on the official site, Nero is shown in her alternate appearance called the Form Change, a new Musou system introduced in the game…


Nero’s Form Change kinda reminds me of Aigis from Persona 3, albeit with more fiery passion than ever… =w=


Civilisation Destroyer of an Extella Fate

Updated on the official site, Attila (The new face from Fate/Grand Order) is showcased along with a couple other playable Servants of Fate/Extella…




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