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The Hardest Choices Require the Strongest Wills

It’s been almost a year since the 1st decade of the Marvel Cinematic Universe ended. While many of us keen fans of the genre still waiting for the upcoming Marvel Super Heroes movies that will helm the next, one can not help but to relive the wonderful memories of those iconic moments and colourful characters such as the Invincible Iron Man, as well as the nigh-invulnerable Titan Thanos…

While wanting to collect something out from the MCU in the form of LEGO sets, I’ve been on the fence for quite some while due to many of such sets were designed to be more suitable as play sets instead of actual collector’s item, unlike the more display-friendly LEGO Star Wars sets.

LEGO Marvel 76140_76141_01

However, an impulse purchase during my visit to my local Toys ‘R’ Us changed that: while window shopping last weekend, I stumbled upon a couple of the gems right at the LEGO aisle, instinctively picked them up from the display shelf and headed towards the cashier.

I ignored my destiny once, I cannot do that again. I am sorry, my wallet little one.

And here we are, a couple of Marvel Avengers LEGO sets in my possession: 76140 Iron Man Mech and 76141 Thanos Mech.

LEGO Marvel 76140_76141_02

These sets, while based upon the titular characters from the MCU, are not actually canon to the story itself, as there are no mech suits for the hero (Although the Hulk Buster can be considered as one, this mech suit is definitely not Hulk Buster) and the villain of the movie. ^^;

Hidden within the confine of each boxes are a trio sachets of LEGO pieces, along with a single sheet of sticker as well as a booklet of assembly instruction.

Let us first gaze upon the crimson armour that belongs to our favourite Marvel hero, Iron Man. 

LEGO Marvel 76140_76141_03
LEGO Marvel 76140_76141_04

About 20 or so minutes of brick-by-brick assembly is all it takes to complete this marvelous piece of fully articulated mech.

Clad in this gigantic outer armour that fully envelopes the Iron Man mini-fig himself, the mech suit sports its signature red overall as well as an array of flat gold detailing, amongst other minor touches that represents its mechanical structure.

LEGO Marvel 76140_76141_05LEGO Marvel 76140_76141_06

True to its name’s sake, the chest cavity of the Mech Suit houses our Iron Man mini-fig himself, and can be opened for easy retrieval of the said mini-fig.

LEGO Marvel 76140_76141_07

The Iron Man mini-fig is finely decorated with printed details, each of his hands holding a clear blue effect part, For some reason, his helmet is not of the usual type seen in other Marvel sets where his mask can be flipped open to reveal his face. Instead, it’s the bucket type that completely covers his head, similar to that of a LEGO Star Wars’s Stormtrooper.

Underneath the helmet is Tony Stark himself, one side of the head is the simple generic expression face while the rear side is that of his face covered with holographic head-up display.

LEGO Marvel 76140_76141_08LEGO Marvel 76140_76141_09LEGO Marvel 76140_76141_10LEGO Marvel 76140_76141_11

With its clear blue Arc Repulsors on both its hands and feet as well as the Arc Reactor stickers/printed details on its shoulders and chest, the Mech can easily move around striking your favourite poses from the movies with its multiple ball-jointed articulated points.

LEGO Marvel 76140_76141_12LEGO Marvel 76140_76141_13
LEGO Marvel 76140_76141_14
LEGO Marvel 76140_76141_15LEGO Marvel 76140_76141_16

Adding to the play feature, this mech is equipped with a stud launcher just above its right shoulder, where you can load a total of 3 clear blue round studs within and launched from it via a trigger piece located just behind the launcher itself.

Aesthetic wise, while it is an eye sore to see that trigger mechanism so visible to naked eyes, you can just leave the trigger piece and use just the launcher piece itself.

Or, you can just flip the launcher to the left side of the shoulder instead and pretend it’s a separate cannon weapon. Ah, the versatility of LEGO and your own creative mind… www

LEGO Marvel 76140_76141_17LEGO Marvel 76140_76141_18

Well, it won’t be Iron Man without his signature super hero landing pose, huh?

A pity the limitation to the articulation kind of hinder it from doing the perfect landing pose, not mentioning the inability to tilt the mini-fig’s head upwards to face the camera. :P

LEGO Marvel 76140_76141_19

Now, time to move on to Iron Man’s nemesis, the Mad Titan Thoanos himself.

Similar to Iron Man Mech, Thanos Mech took me a little bit over 20 minutes to finish, the whole process and structure basically identical to that of the former.

In contrast to that of Iron Man’s crimson overalls, Thanos wears a navy blue base colour filled with lots of flat gold and grey decorations, in parallel to his colour scheme in the comics/movies. 

LEGO Marvel 76140_76141_20LEGO Marvel 76140_76141_21

The mech’s chest cavity can be opened just like Iron Man’s, with Thanos mini-fig himself within the cockpit ready to jump out for some intimate action.

LEGO Marvel 76140_76141_22

Instead of using the larger Hulk type body as seen with other sets, Thanos here is represented with a standard mini-fig, clad with accurate printed details and wears a flat gold helmet.

Underneath that helmet is Thanos’s recognisable purple-skinned head with an angry face. There is no alternate expression on the rear end of the head, unfortunately.

LEGO Marvel 76140_76141_23LEGO Marvel 76140_76141_24LEGO Marvel 76140_76141_25

Perhaps the most significant visual difference between the two Mechs, other than the minor build details and colour scheme, is the Infinity Gauntlet on the mech’s left hand. It even comes complete with all six Infinity Stones, represented with six different coloured clear round studs. LEGO is even kind enough to include another set of the Infinity Stones as spares in the box!

The only downside to the Gauntlet’s build is that you cannot do the Thanos Snap due to the angle of articulation on the fingers. What a pity… 

LEGO Marvel 76140_76141_26LEGO Marvel 76140_76141_27LEGO Marvel 76140_76141_28

Both mechs going mano a mano against one another! However, we all know what the outcome is…

Dread it, run from it, destiny arrives all the same. He is inevitable…

LEGO Marvel 76140_76141_29LEGO Marvel 76140_76141_30

Part of the Journey is the end.

In conclusion after fiddling with these LEGO sets, Thanos Mech is perhaps my favourite between the two sets, thanks to the inclusion of the Infinity Gauntlet which added a lot of play factor.

But Iron Man Mech is hard to part with too, I mean he IS Iron Man after all, all time fan favourite, which I am one of them.

Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

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