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Don’t Underestimate the Power of the 4th

It has been a couple of years since I last did a post for Star Wars Day, which falls on today, May the 4th…

May the Force be with You. Get it? :P

About half a year ago, I’ve commissioned a local Lightsaber Master Builder to upgrade my problematic iSaber V4 (Battery problem causing it to turn itself off every 5 minutes or so even though I’ve fully charged it…) to the more up-to-date Crystal Focus X, as well as going from the LED blade to the brighter and more powerful Neopixel blade.


Unfortunately, due to the current events all around the world, my Builder is unable to accumulate all the parts needed, thus needing to postpone the commission until he is able to.

Originally to coincide the Star Wars Day with the unveiling of my newest Lightsaber, it appears I won’t be able to do so now. 


As a backup for this blog post, I’ve managed to finally acquire a special LEGO Star Wars polybag I’ve been wanting to procure since 2 years ago.

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Crafting a Lostbelt in the 4th Moon

In these troubled times, humour never escapes the wonderful minds of the Japanese ACG culture, with many strange and out of this world announcements occured as soon as the clock strikes 0000 hours, signifying the start of the April Fools’ Day.

After the Dragon Quest spoof from last year, DW yet again offered a separate app on  the1st of April, allowing Masters of FGO to indulge themselves at a fun block building/busting shenanigan.


Unlike previous years, this special app, available to both the Android and iOS, will last until the 5th of April, breaking its own tradition of only available for the day itself! XDc

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The Hardest Choices Require the Strongest Wills

It’s been almost a year since the 1st decade of the Marvel Cinematic Universe ended. While many of us keen fans of the genre still waiting for the upcoming Marvel Super Heroes movies that will helm the next, one can not help but to relive the wonderful memories of those iconic moments and colourful characters such as the Invincible Iron Man, as well as the nigh-invulnerable Titan Thanos…

While wanting to collect something out from the MCU in the form of LEGO sets, I’ve been on the fence for quite some while due to many of such sets were designed to be more suitable as play sets instead of actual collector’s item, unlike the more display-friendly LEGO Star Wars sets.

LEGO Marvel 76140_76141_01

However, an impulse purchase during my visit to my local Toys ‘R’ Us changed that: while window shopping last weekend, I stumbled upon a couple of the gems right at the LEGO aisle, instinctively picked them up from the display shelf and headed towards the cashier.

I ignored my destiny once, I cannot do that again. I am sorry, my wallet little one.

And here we are, a couple of Marvel Avengers LEGO sets in my possession: 76140 Iron Man Mech and 76141 Thanos Mech.

LEGO Marvel 76140_76141_02

These sets, while based upon the titular characters from the MCU, are not actually canon to the story itself, as there are no mech suits for the hero (Although the Hulk Buster can be considered as one, this mech suit is definitely not Hulk Buster) and the villain of the movie. ^^;

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Tease of a Splashy Summer

After a year of absence from my island, the Penang Anime Matsuri makes a splashy come back again!

Once again, Penang Anime Matsuri will be held on my island, at the Spice Arena, and falls on the 6th and 7th of June this year.


From the official Facebook page

#PAM2020 Penang Anime Matsuri is back again this summer

Look forward to a splashing good time on 6 & 7 June, at Setia SPICE Arena, Penang, Malaysia!

Check out Penang Anime Matsuri‘s Facebook page for more upcoming announcements!

Penang Anime Matsuri: Summer Splash
6 & 7 June 2020
Setia SPICE Arena, Penang, Malaysia

Stay tune for more announcements soon…

Delayed Season of Another Chaldean Love

It’s that time of the year again! Chaldea is in a state of emergency once more as the female Servants gathered around the canteen block in hopes to borrow the kitchen for their chocolate production, much to the dismay of a certain red-clothed chef.


While trying to come up with a high-quality recipe for mass production together with several other Servants, Lady Murasaki together with the Master accidentally transported ray-shifted to yet another interesting situation, to no one’s surprise…


Along came the new Valentine’s Servant for the year, a super genki and bubbly Gal with a unique penchant for uplifting the craziness factor of an already weird and somewhat fun event.

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