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Emceeing for AFA15

Brace yourselves, Anime Festival Asia 2015 is coming in a few days!!! More guests are being announced even during these last minutes…

Meanwhile, I’m still packing for the trip. Probably will be in silent mode for the remainder of the week until the end of the event…


Guest Host: Danny Choo


Born in the UK to Chinese Malaysian parents and currently residing in Tokyo for about 16 years, Danny Choo is the creator of a brand called Culture Japan which shares Japanese culture through in-house produced TV Shows, Character Content and a Fashion Doll known as Smart Doll.

Danny also writes about life in Japan as a foreigner on his blog and has been doing so regularly since 2004.


Danny directs and presents on the TV shows Culture Japan and Japan Mode which are broadcast weekly on TV channels domestic in Japan and internationally.

Danny is also the creator of Mirai Suenaga (pronounced “mee-rai soo-eh-na -gah”) – the mascot character for Culture Japan who has collaborated with various anime and game companies such as Square Enix, Good Smile Company, Bushiroad, Ascii Media Works, King Records and Nitroplus. In 2013, Mirai became an official mascot for Japan Tourism and in 2014 she became an official mascot for Malaysia Tourism.

Danny has been recognised for his work by the Japanese government who have appointed him as a member on various high level committees which focus on strategies to disseminate Japanese content outside of Japan.



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Some More Guests and Event Guides for AFA15

Still more in line for the guests that will be making appearances at Anime Festival Asia 2015.


Tatsumi Yuiko

nob-c is a character designer and illustrator. He is known for his warmth in his illustrations and high attention to detail, with high proficiency in delicate graphics. He has worked on characters from multiple games and was the character designer for the lead characters in the 2015 anime Urawa no Usagi-chan. In Aquarion Logos that is currently airing in Japan, he is also involved the design of some of the enemy characters. Currently, he is mainly engaged in working on anime, and is one to look out for in future.

Mini stage appearance: Come meet nob-c!

When: 27 Nov 2015 (Fri)

Ticket access: ● Exhibition ● 

Official twitter page:

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Even More Guests for AFA15

The neverending updates flooding in as Anime Festival Asia 2015 draws closer and closer! 

I Love Anisong Opening Act: USAGI & AkatsukiRin


USAGI: 18 years old, Singapore Awarded a Grand Prix prize of Asia Anisong-Singer Audition(AAA) held at Anime Festival Asia(AFA)2014 in Singapore twitter: instagram: youtube:

AkatsukiRin: Previously known as RINRIN, she is the singer that was awarded the Grand Prix at the Anisong Singer Audition in Anime Festival Asia 2014. Her debut as the singer of SonyMusicRecords has been scheduled in spring of 2016.

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It’s time to finally unveil the last outfit from Tama-chan’s official MyRoom wardrobe as seen in Fate/Extra CCC.

A commission placed over a year ago at my usual seamstress (Tama-chan’s past outfits are all her masterpieces), Rana really went all out and outdid herself this time around. 


太陽の神話礼装, the outfit obtained once near the end of the game itself, is one of the 5 available outfits (漆黒の魔術服, the default costume in CCC; 蒼色の呪術服, the default costume of the previous game; 春色の現代衣装, a modern style usamimi parka; せくすぃーびきに, a white bikini) you can have Tama-chan wear during the course of the game.

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Ordering Rabbits at AFA15?

What a surprise, Is Your Order a Rabbit? is one of the featured anime at AFA15!

The 2nd season of nonbiri fluffiness is currently on air weekly in Japan this season!=w=


Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka?

From this spring, Cocoa has come to this new town to attend high school.

While lost in the streets, she came across the cafe “Rabbit House”, which also happens to be the cafe she is supposed to be staying at.

With the all-round cuteness emerging from the small and cool Chino, the military tempered Rize, the easygoing Japanese-styled Chiya, and the overflowing elegance of the masses in Syaro, together with Chino’s classmates Maya and Megu, as well as the addition of regular customer, the author Aoyama Blue Mountain, Rabbit House is filled with cuteness today as well!

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