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Going Apes in This Lunatic Season

The Goat went by, and the Monkey arrived to bring a prosperous new year ahead!

Once again, it’s the dawn of a new lunar year, the annual festive season bringing along lots of reds decorations, Mandarin oranges, God of Prosperity, lion dances, fireworks, Ang Pows (Red Packets), visiting relatives and friends that ask you the same question every year… Oh well you know the rest… :P


Even the Petit’gguys are in the mood to start their own celebrations of showering in golds and plum flowers… XDc


Needle Within Me

Last Friday, as I awoken from my slumber early in the late midnight, I found my mouth full of liquid substance.

Thinking it is just the usual spit, I’ve unloaded the contents as I’m heading towards the wash room, only to discover the goo was slimy and coloured in deep blood-red.

Upon closer inspection, it seems that blood has gushed out from my gum between the fangs non stop. Alarmed, I was rushed to the emergency at the local General Hospital for treatment and consultation. ^^;


I was hospitalised for a few hours at the ER ward for some check-up, with a needle sticking into the back of my hand. Not really fond of foreign objects within, though…>,< 



Waking up this morning to find Tama-chan already close to me in seiza mode.


It took me a moment before I fought off the morning drowsiness (It’s a public holiday on this Monday, whoopee! Still woke up early as per usual RL job routine tho… orz) to realise that it’s the anniversary of my celebration of being birth unto this reality.


Can’t Say Goodbye to Yesterday

But I must, as we’d already entered the dawn of a new year!




A Tease of the Holy Night

Merry Christmas everyone! 

Nothing much this year due to an extremely narrow schedule for the weekend. 


Schoolmate’s wedding luncheon to attend to and a figure collectors’ event (3 events in total fall on the same day and time!!! Had to ditch the other 2 due to already committed on this one…) to take part as well…  

Nevertheless, here’s a shot of some of my newest Nendoroid collections that I’ve finally unbox, celebrating the Holy Night… ^^;



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