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The Masquerade of Cosplay Invasion 4

With the event titled as Cosplay Invasion 4, it would be a mystery if there aren’t any cosplayer stalking around the halls, don’t you think? 


KanColle cosplay was pretty much the highlight of the event, with lots and lots of Kanmusume (And Kanmusuko) scattered all around…


The Dolls of Cosplay Invasion 4

Moving on from the many figures as seen in the last post, in this post we’ll shift our focus upon the larger dolls this time around that graced the very same booth.


Tama-chan came in her keyhole turtleneck on Day 1 and short kimono on Day 2… =w=


The Displays of Cosplay Invasion 4

Continuing from earlier post, let us have a glimpse at the many figures and stuff on display during the event. 


Kotoburd made an impact (OK, OK that was a lame pun…) during Cosplay Invasion 4, at the figure display booth of which I’m one of the exhibitor of. =w=


The Booths of Cosplay Invasion 4

Held within a medium-sized hall on the 2nd floor of Penang Times Square, Cosplay Invasion 4 ended up a success last weekend, with waves of crowd throng the place, especially on Day 2.

Perhaps being free-of-admission and the attendance of popular guest cosplayers contributed to the said success? w


Many thanks to the organiser Miao-san for the Media pass, which allows myself entry to a certain restricted area, usually off-limits to regular visitors. XDc


Additional Guests of PAM15

This afternoon, the officials have just revealed the list of a few more special guests that will join the summer party! 


It also appears that the ticketing info has been decided as well!

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