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For the longest time now, ご主人様 has been neglecting タマちゃん and failed to attend to タマちゃん’s needs. 

タマちゃん has had enough of this!!!


It is time タマちゃん going back to the void that is the 英霊の座.

Goodbye, ご主人様. It’s been a pleasure knowing and serving ご主人様…

P.S.: Don’t come looking for タマちゃん! Don’t try to summon タマちゃん again, タマちゃん will never ever answer ご主人様’s call again!



And the Year of the Snake goes back to its slumber, as the Year of the Horse galloping towards a great new year ahead~!


Once again, a prosperous Lunar Pony New Nyaa to all~! X3c…


(ノ´∀`)ノ*.。*.゚☆Happy New Nyaa☆・゚*:。ヽ(´∀`ヽ)

「Welcome to the special End-of-Year and Happy New Year special programme!」


「この番組は、ユナモンご主人様とオタクールチャーの坂、ご覧のスポンサーの提供でお送りします… ^0^ 」



Day 24th of the 12th Moon, otherwise known as the KFC Day Christmas Eve, is a sacred night for them love birds and families.

And of course rori and shota anticipating gifts from the ho-ho-ho-old fat man in red :3c


Celebrating Tama-chan’s 3rd X’mas, Tama-chan will of course dedicated Tama-chan’s self towards the happiness of ご主人様.



It’s barely several days after the dawn of a new Lunar Year, but the 14th day of the 2nd moon is here once again!


The annual Give Your Big Bro Chocolate Day Saint Valentine’s Day is the very day when girls of all ages prepare chocolates as a gift to their loved ones (Well at least in Japan, everywhere else it’s the guy’s responsibility to dish out hard earned monies on expensive romantic dinners. ^^;)!!


A Wonderful Hobby Preview of the Winter

Falls on the same day, Day 1 of the Lunar New Year also marks the day when major and amateur figure creators from all over Japan gathered  in one large specialised event to show cast all their latest and upcoming releases…


The 17th annual Wonderful Hobby Life For You!! aka the Wonder Festival 2012 Winter bares its fangs poisoning would-be collectors and comrades alike!



Thanks to the smooth negotiations between Volks and a fellow InnovaDDoushi, the submission for the Worldwide Dollfie Dream® Photobook is now underway…

The collection will basically feature over a hundred beautiful Dollfie Dream picchus of various InnovaDDoushi from all parts of the globe, fully endorsed by the doll maker giant Volks themselves! ^~^


Total Recall

Several days have passed since the beginning of a new year

Quite an averagely good start and such a sleepy 1st Moon… XDc

Taking this wonderful opportunity, Tama-chan and Goshujin-sama will cast a glimpse back to the past and a peek at them highlights of each Moon as well as a summary of overall entries made during the passing Earth cycle… ^_~


Another Characters Chart of an Extra Fate

More updates on the official site of Fate/Extra CCC, now filled with more information on other casts of the Alternate Cyber Grail War…

There are still many of them silhouetted tho, only time will reveal their true nature when the release date getting closer and closer… ^_~



うふふ~ Tama-chan’s new outfit has finally arrived!

Here’s a tease to what Tama-chan will be! ^~^


Dreamy Outfits for the 10th Moon

Unveiled during the September issue of Volks News, which incidentally doubled up as the 50th Volume since its publication, there will be an event this coming 20th… ^_~

Besides the Tenshi no Sumika Fair 2012/Cool Kyoto 2012 event., the October New Outfit Collection will be made available on Volks Website Store as well.

Expect rotsa InnovaDDoushi and campers to fight against one another for a chance to land some of these raburi raburi merchandise onto their musume’s hands… :3c



Millions credits to fellow comrade NaitoNii-san from the Netherlands, Goshujin-sama was informed of a rather superb cosplay of yours truly on the interwebs

Unfortunately, NaitoNii-san failed to provide actual info on the coser herself, only pointed Goshujin-sama to her photographer by the name of Phantom@Jun-san (AKA Lab Member 009)’s buroggu and photo collection site… >w<


A Journal of Dreamy Doll(fies)

Since last Saturday, InnovaDDo with subscription to Volks News infozine has been flooding the interwebs with discussions and speculations of the upcoming outfits and new DD related items from the latest September issue of Volks News Vol. 50. ^_~

Seems like these lovely merchandise will be available during the Tenshi no Sumika Fair 2012/Cool Kyoto 2012 event…

Tama-chan has set Tama-chan’s eyes upon a single pinkish outfit that Tama-chan must get Tama-chan’s hands on. Tama-chan wonder if Goshujin-sama will get one for Tama-chan? :3c


The Expanded Groove of AFA12

Another expansion is expected within the ranks of the superb line-up of various artistes to perform in the Electric Goove: I Love Anisong Concert for the upcoming AFA12!

Announced during the recently concluded Anime Festival Asia Indonesia (AFAID), aside from FLOW, fripSide, May’n, Sea☆A, Sphere and T.M. Revolution and Babymetal, m.o.v.e., LiSA and Kuribayashi Minami will also be included!! Hardcore fans should now about them!

However it seems the official site have yet to update its content to reflect this announcement…

Stay tuned for more info and news!

Doll Meet @ Coob Coffee Club

It’s been a while since Tama-chan accompanies Goshujin-sama to an outing ever since our trip to AFAMY12 a couple of months ago…

To Tama-chan’s surprise, Goshujin-sama actually brought Tama-chan to a meeting or sort of several other local InnovaDDo, allowing Tama-chan to get acquainted with Tama-chan’s brethren… ^~^


The Bride of an Extra Fate

After a lengthy video preview some time earlier, as well as a guest appearance during Summer WonFes held a fortnight ago, Saber (Version CCC) managed to find her way to the bosom of a certain Mikatan, much the delight of Saberphiles out there… XD

Even Mikatan herself stated that she couldn’t wait to play the PSP game, soon to be released early next year… 


Another Update of an Extra Fate

An update to the main site after the announcement of its actual release date a few days ago, Fate/Extra CCC has finally been blessed with a few promotion videos, introducing us with its features and add-ons since the last game…

Seems like another new page has been added to the main site with further info on other chara including Rani, Leo, Rin and Shinji


The Actual Date of an Extra Fate

Announced almost a year ago, Fate/Extra CCC is to be an alternate telling of the events happened in the original PSP JRPG game. 

Slated be released in Spring 2012 initially, it was postponed to an undefined date in order to apply some “aesthetic” modifications to its characters as well as adding another chara to the original trio of player selectable Servant.


Escape Plan of an Extra Fate

Thanks to a fellow kitsune-loving comrade, Goshujin-sama managed to steal a read of a couple ‘o’ scanned pages from the latest Famitsu issue, revealing more info on the postponed Fate/Extra CCC, set to be released later the year…

CCC is akin to a Heaven’s Feel route of the original Fate/Extra. As what we’ve been told thus far, some sort of error caused the perversion of the Mooncell’s SE.RA.PH., trapping you and the rest of the Masters inside a retro Tsukumihara Academy…


Packing Up for AFAMY12

Soon, very soon! It’s only a day left until AFAMY12!!

Taking a day off today, Goshujin-sama and Tama-chan are currently packing our stuffs and baggage as we’ll be leaving our beloved island first thing in tomorrow morning and head towards Mud Estuary Kuala Lumpur for the mid-year event! X3c


The Night of Culture After AFAMY12

Once again, Danny Choo-san of Culture:Japan fame will organise a special after AFA gathering for like-minded comrades to interact and have fun with one another, just like how Tama-chan had fun during last year‘s AKB48 night… ^~^

Announced just a few hours earlier, the Culture Japan Night Malaysia is set to be held in Pavilion KL, in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

It is just some walk distance away from the nearest LRT station as well as the Puduraya Bus Terminal and KLCC… :3c


The Smile of AFAMY12

Good Smile Company, one of the more widely recognised figure maker known to comrades around the world, will attend AFAMY12 as one of  its main sponsor…

Expect rotsa new announcements of  lovely Figma, Nendoroids and scaled figures at its own corner of display booths!!


More Addition of AFAMY12

More updates on AFAMY12‘s official site

Looks like our beloved virtual diva will be providing a touch of hers to the soul of the event! XDc


More Special Guests of AFAMY12

More updates on AFAMY12‘s official site

Several days ago, the officials of AFAMY teased of the possible visit of a special celebrity cosplayer “Dat Kuroneko” Miyuko

It is now a confirmation that she’ll be in the event exclusively in her amazing cosplay drawn from her experiences and skills in fashion design!