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Some More Servants’ Action of an Extella Fate

More short videos has been released today, this time showcasing the in-game action of a couple more Servants…


The sixth wave of the video series include Medusa from Tamamo’s faction and Archimedes of the Independent.


Further System Expansion of an Extella Fate

More info on the official site, now expanding further upon various in-game systems that will be available to the players of the Musou game of the Nasuverse, Fate/Extella…


The update this time focus more upon the level progression of the playable Servants, as well as your relationship to them as a Master… w


Eureka of an Extella Fate

Updated on the official site, Archimedes of the Caster class is showcased along with another playable Servant into the growing list of Servants in Fate/Extella…


While not participating in any Holy Grail War, the Mathematician is an original  surprise addition to the pool of Servants in this game.

Just like Arthuria, he is not affiliated with any of the three main factions.


Opening the Shaft of an Extella Fate

Shaft, the studio behind the original OP for Fate/Extra CCC as well as many known anime series like the Monogatari saga and Puella Magi Madoka Magica, once again animated the opening animation, this time for Fate/Extella…


The said OP has been revealed today to the public unexpectedly by the official!



Shedding her older shell, Tama-chan has been reborn to a new body, perfecting her already excellent foxiness.

For the past few months, she has gone on another stage of evolution, breaking through her cocoon to become a more refine Goddess.


A fair word of warning though: the rest of the piccies after this are of the NSFW nature, please go ahead at your own discretion lest you risk being lectured by your boss/waifu/etc… :3c