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Generic Protag of a Linked Extella

Updated on the official site, Charlemagne of the Saber class is showcased, adding into the growing list of Servants in Fate/Extella series…


The sugar daddy of Astolfo, this generic isekai pretty boy protag seems to be the main Servant in the new game.



Grail Master(s) of a Linked Extella

More updates on the official site, this time focusing upon your avatar in the game, the Master(s) of the Holy Grail War in Fate/Extella.


Unlike the more royal gown worn in the previous game, your avatar sports a rather utilitarian styled explorer outfit this time around.

We’re going on to an adventure, perhaps? www


Announcement of a Linked Extella

The sequel to Fate/Extella, has finally been unveiled today via its official site as well as game magazines…


Looks like this time it will focus upon the adventure of a rather generic isekai protag-looking new Servant, Charlemagne… 


2nd Wordy Orchid of an Extella Fate

Last time on The Umbral Star… 


A wild foxy waifu appears! 


A Link to an Extella Fate

Due to the popularity of the Musou styled action game, Fate/Extella will be receiving a sequel in the form of Link, judging by the naming used upon the teaser site… 


Expect loads of info dump on the 30th later the month…