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A Mirage for a Hopeful Walküre

Macross Delta was aired last year on Japanese TV, and later brought to domestic viewings via DVD and BR releases, has managed to garner a cult of followers old and new alike, pretty much a staple to the Macross franchise every generation. Just like Macross Frontier, a movie version will be made as well, with an announcement coming soon in a few days…

Instead of focusing upon a single or a duo of the titular songstress(es) this time, the plot involves an idol unit of five holding live concerts around the known Macross galaxy to overcome the rising threat of a sort of space rabies that turns normal citizen into rage-induced crazies rampaging their surroundings. The miracle of singing will subdue the effect and return the infected back to normal, thanks to the magic of Deculture.

Each of these idols have a unit of Valkyrie acting as their personal backup dancer as well as their protection when they descend upon the battlefield arming only with a layer of holo-projection dancer suit and their weapon of mass conversion – their singing voice.


The 3rd in line for Macross Delta DX Chogokin series of these Valkyries, VF-31C Siegfried is pretty much identical to the previous two Siegfried releases, except of course the colour scheme and the design of the Battroid’s head.

Piloted by Mirage Farina Jenius, the Siegfried is paired with the sexy Nakajima Makina, a member of the Walküre idol unit, with the dark magenta/pink as its colour scheme. If the pilot’s name sounds familiar to you, especially those who’ve followed the series since its original, she is a descendant of the fine lineage that is the cross-species union of Max and Milia Jenius from the first series and her mother is the niece of Mylene Flare Jenius from Macross 7. 

Anyway, back to the Valkyrie itself, the main topic of this post. www



I am One with the 4th and the 4th is with Me

On this fateful Star Wars day, I can finally proudly present my perfected signature weapon of a Force sensitive, a lightsaber I can call my own. 

It all started with iSaber’s V3 custom lightsaber I got at the end of the previous year, from a company on Taobao… 


While very pleasing visually, it fares poorly in terms of performance and gimmicks, suffering extreme sound de-synching and sensitivity problems.

Taking a couple of months since the mishaps of it predecessor, all the necessary parts needed for rebuilding the hilt’s inner electronics has been obtained from the original seller, upgrading it to the superior V4.


An Elegant Weapon For a More Civilised Age

Any Star Wars fan will surely remembers and recognises the iconic weapon of a Jedi Knight, the coloured laser bladed sword of awesomeness. It’s no secret that every one of them would want a weapon of such calibre in their own collection of ever-growing Star Wars merch, may it be just prop hilt or real toys.

While there exists official lightsabre toys from the official license holders, such merchs are in the end just mass-produced collector’s items of varying quality, usually below par. Luckily for the past decade or so, fan made custom lightsabres are things of beauty, going through evolution by evolution of upgrades that surpassed the likes of their official counterparts.

Various designs were created, sounds and light gimmicks perfected, which are practically indistinguishable from the movie magic nowadays. They were utilised in many forms, from conventions wielded by cosplayers, to even as an actual fencing swords in Jedi inspired combat training camps…  


After coming back from the screening of Episode VII: The Force Awakens about a year and a half back, eager to get my hands on a lightsabre, I’ve gotten myself an Anakin-to-Vader Ultimate FX Lightsabre from Hasbro, only to be utterly disappointed by its plastic build and less than desirable brightness of the blade, not to mention one of its core function (Changing from blue to red blade at will while ignited) is defective.

Fast forward a year later after the viewing of Rogue One, once again my wish to acquire a lightsabre of my own resurfaced, this time I’m in for a treat as I’ve managed to find one on Taobao that is actually affordable, unlike the premium prices on various custom lightsabre makers (Such as Ultrasabers and SaberForge) out there…



It has been already a full week since the start of a new year…

Once again a very happy new year to you all!


As mentioned before, I have another doujin Tama-chan dakimakura cover from Taobao arriving at my doorstep.

Upon checking on her, I’m surprised to find an omake alongside her… I’ll elaborate further down the post… :3c



My ever-growing harem of bed companions (Which include: a nekkid angel, a couple of rori basketballers, a spicy wolf, a King Kong, an older version of Tama-chan herself as well as a doujin Tama-chan…) received another member at the beginning of the last moon of the year, however due to a series of unfortunate events, I had to postpone her introduction to the masses until now…


Truly, 2016 has not been kind to me, and many others… Especially when I learned of General Organa became one with the Force when I woke up this morning… orz