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Various Booths at AFA16, Part 1

Many exhibitors participated in this year’s Anime Festival Asia, showcasing and promoting their own products and services during the 3-day event. 

Here are the booths as categorised alphabetically:

3DSense Media School



Crowd Gone Wild at AFA16

Although it took me a couple of days after gotten myself back to my den, I’ve finally finished the processing of all the shots I caught into my lens during my holiday visit to the Singapore last weekend, for none other than the most anticipated ACG event of the year, Anime Festival Asia 2016.

This marks my 8th annual pilgrimage to the City of the Puking Lion Fish, ever since my journey started during the year 2009, which is the 2nd year AFA debuted at that period.


Whoa, it’s already been that long a time!?


Complex Maidens at AFA16

Yet another idol group will attend Anime Festival Asia 2016, which will occur in less than a week!

Shoujo Complex



Based in AEON MALL BSDCITY in Jakarta, Indonesia, Shojo Complex began their activities in June 2016. 


Schedule and Floor Plan of AFA16

In a week’s time, Anime Festival Asia 2016 is set to happen!


The schedule and floor plan for the event has been revealed, with lots of exhibitors’ individual offers can be seen in this official page.


Living Hearts of AFA16

An idol group will perform on the Akiba Stage during Anime Festival Asia 2016!

Ikiteru Hearts Presented by CHEERZ



Originally known as “Stand-up! Hearts”, they were formed in September 2014 as a new project by the label Stand-Up! Records, which specialises in the grooming of idol groups. Starting out as a ‘research student unit’, they participated in a whole variety of activities throughout the year, including JAM EXPO 2015 at Yokohama Arena, Shinkiba Studio Coast LIVE Plus and even JAPAN EXPO 2015, where they wowed the crowds by performing across all ten live stages and participating in the main stage fashion show.

It was in September 2015 when they celebrated their graduation as a ‘research student unit’ alongside with their one-year anniversary as a unit. Making their major debut in early Spring 2016, they have begun performing many theme songs for TV anime series and games! With many more tie-ups with anime and games planned for the years ahead, everyone has great expectations of these girls!