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Less Beating Around the Bush

An anime director will grace the stage of AFA with another featured anime, with its plot centred around humans and androids. 

Beatless (Featured Anime)


‘I trust in your smile. I won’t care whether you are soulless or not.’ In the world 100 years from now, society is mostly operated by hIE (humanoid Interface Elements).

With the introduction of ultra-advanced AI that surpasses human intelligence, beings that mankind is yet to fully comprehend made from materials far too advanced for human technology begin coming into being.

One day, a 17-year-old boy, Arato Endo, has a fateful encounter with a mysterious hIE named Lacia, and becomes her owner by accident. In contrast to her beautiful appearance, Lacia is one of the five top-performing hIE created by ultra-advanced AI, artificial beings beyond human recognition. Each of the five hIE has their own specification and behavior model. Fierce battle breaks out as they pursue their own purposes.

For what purpose were Lacia and the other four hIEs created? Why are they destined to fight with one another? Amid questions regarding conflict and coexistence between mankind and machines, the 17-year-old boy Arato seeks answers to the future…



Arming a Girl’s Frame

Another featured anime with more seiyuu tagging along… Three of them this time around! w00t!

The said anime is Frame Arms Girl, aired earlier this year to promote Kotobukiya’s line of plastic model figures.

フレームアームズ・ガール (Featured Anime)


Join Ao, an ordinary school girl, in her everyday life with the Frame Arms Girls, and watch their bonds deepen.

Ao, an ordinary high school girl, receives something mysterious in the mail one day, and upon opening the package, she finds herself with Gourai, a petite autonomous robot called a Frame Arms Girl.

Wow it’s a toy! It’s a plastic model kit!

But! Gourai isn’t just any ordinary Frame Arms Girl.

Unlike normal artificial intelligence programs, Gourai is an experimental prototype model endowed with AS (“Artificial Self”), giving her human-like emotions. Furthermore, this Gourai is the only one in the world to be successfully activated, and by Ao no less!

Together with Ao, who has zero knowledge of the Frame Arms Girls, Gourai gathers battle data and learns about emotions.

And so our heroine begins a curious, yet fun and exciting, lifestyle with Gourai and the other Frame Arms Girls!


Project B(e) an Expo(sure)

Next in line is for the fangirls and fanladies; B-Project, an all male anime idol group!

There’s also a special screening for virtual idol fans as well!

B-Project (Featured Anime)


What is “B-PROJECT”?

It’s a big idol project produced by a Japanese famous singer Takanori Nishikawa and its original work is created by a multi-talented creator, Chiyomaru Shikura. You will meet four boys idol groups; Kitakore, THRIVE, MooNs, and KiLLER KiNG.

The main character is a newbie A&R who just joins Gandhara Music, a huge record company, and she happens to be in charge of managing these four boy bands named above. The new job welcomes her with so many troubles, scandals, and gossips… and you will get to know more about the real music industry as well as the fascinating characters.


How to Announce a Seiyuu Appearance

Now onto the special guests announcements that really capture my attention, the men and women of voice overs for anime characters of various series!

First up is the sequel that was aired earlier this year, Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend Flat.

冴えない彼女の育てかた♭   (Featured Anime)


An otaku high school student Tomoya Aki meets Megumi Kato one day in spring and becomes consumed with the idea of turning this normal girl into the main heroine of his visual novel game.

He forms the development team Blessing Software with friends and they manage to get one route finished.

With the upcoming Winter Comiket in two months, will they be able to finish the game in time?!

©2017 Fumiaki Maruto, Kurehito Misaki, KADOKAWA FUJIMISHOBO / Project Saenai Flat


1st Wave of Cosplay Announcement for C3 AFA17

After finishing the artiste line-ups for the Anisong concert, the officials spare no time and went ahead with the next announcement: star cosplayers from around the world.


The 1st wave of star cosplayers announcement includes Angie, Baozi, Hana, Enako, Liyuu, Serg Loki and Thames Malerose!