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Rebooting a Concert of AFA15

As many are probably going haywire awaiting AFAID this coming weekend, yesterday the officials announced the line-up for AFASG’s Anisong concert, which will be held at the end of November.


A pretty generous line-up this year with BACK-ON, bless4, GARNiDELiA, Honey Works, May’n, Kobayashi Mika, nano, P’sLIVE! (Featuring Taketatsu Ayana, Uchida Maaya, Mimori Suzuko together with MICHI, Mikami Shiori, Hanamori Yumiri and Endo Yurika) and finally ZAQ. 


Official Announcement of AFA15

It’s barely a month since new year, and the officials already announced the date for this year’s Anime Festival Asia.


No need for speculations and wild guessing like last year! XDc 


Procurement of Loots at AFA14

Acquisitions in my pilgrimage?

You bet!


Seems like I got more stuff than anticipated, pretty much more than what I did from earlier years… orz 


Culture Japan Night after AFA14

AFA14 may have come and gone, but my pilgrimage continued.


The day after the end of the event, Danny Choo held an after-event gathering, this time at the Jurong East Regional Library. w



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