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2nd Wave of Artiste Announcement for C3 AFA17

Just shy 2 months left until the most anticipated trip of my year, more announcements have been unveiled on the official site! And the line-up of the performers for each day has been decided as well.


The 2nd wave of artiste announcement for the I Love Anisong line up includes Sako Tomohisa, Suzuki Konomi, Moso Calibration, TRUE and Ayano Mashiro!



1st Wave of Artiste Announcement for C3 AFA17

With my annual pilgrimage to Singapore coming closer and closer, finally the officials have revealed more info on the most anticipated ACG event of the region that will be held in the end of November, C3 AFA17!


The 1st wave of artiste announcement for the I Love Anisong line up includes ClariS, FLOW, fripSide, Luce Twinkle Wink, May’n and Nishizawa Shiena, with more to be unveiled in the near future!


Full Phase of Concert for AFA14

Today marks the day of the officials finally revealing the full line up of the I Love Anisong artistes for Anime Festival Asia 2014.

Kinda surprised at the inclusion of Horie “Hocchan” Yui, Kitamura “KitaRi” Eri and several members of The Idolm@ster fame.


Now I’m kinda tempted to buy a ticket for Friday’s concert, even though it’s my personal policy not to go for any concert. D:

It’s Hocchan and KitaEri after all… orz


1st Phase of Concert for AFA14

Announced yesternight via Youtube, the line up for Anisong @ AFA14 has been revealed.

Do note that this is but the 1st phase of announcement made as there are more artistes to be added, at least according to the officials XDc


I guess fans and concert goers are pretty much excited now, with AFA14 only a season away. ^_~


The Setup of AFAMY12

A very early in the morning on the day before my first local pilgrimage, I headed towards the terminal on my island along with Tama-chan to catch a ride down South to the very site.

Nice breezy wind and clear weather ahead, I’m really lookin’ forward to enjoy my ride to Malaysia’s 1st ever Anime Festival Asia Malaysia 2012. Everything seems perfectly in order or so I thought…

Sticking to our original plan with minor changes of details, upon reaching Kuala Lumpur my buddies and I boarded the city’s Light Railway Transit train towards the station decided beforehand to drop off our excess baggage to allow freedom of movement the rest of the day…

Here comes the 1st jinx of the day: We got onto the wrong train that takes us to another line, veering off course from our intended destination. Twice. ^^;

Fortunately we were able to undo our mistake by alighting at the next station upon realisation and took a returning train back to a previous point where the train line starts to split.