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Event Guide of PAM15

Less than two days left until the Penang Anime Matsuri Summer Party 2015…


I can feel the wkwk-ness of those eager to attend and join in the fun that is the largest (Hopefully) ACG event of the country’s Northern region.  


Stage Schedule and Matsuri Experience of PAM15

T-minus 8 days left until the Penang Anime Matsuri Summer Party 2015, the official schedule for the Stage events within Dewan Sri Pinang has finally been unveiled. 

Will most likely stalk all the workshops of them cosplay guests for a chance to take some two-shots with Tama-chan…


I wonder if meet-and-greet sessions are included? Apparently the meet and greet schedule will be decided soon… =w=

BTW, do note that the indoor stage is only accessible to those who have the Exhibition + Stage ticket.  


Anime Stuff of PAM15

The Penang Anime Matsuri Summer Party 2015, which will be held at the Esplanade on my island, will commence in less than two weeks time!


Being an event organised by the very same team behind Anime Festival Asia, this event will probably become the largest event ever occurred on my island and the Northern region of my country, aside from Culture Japan Con a few years back and Comic Fiesta Mini… 


Additional Guests of PAM15

This afternoon, the officials have just revealed the list of a few more special guests that will join the summer party! 


It also appears that the ticketing info has been decided as well!

Do you want to know more?


Official Announcement of PAM15

Upcoming ACG event on my island, organised by SOZO, the minds behind the AFA franchise, falls on the 23th and 24th of May, as per last hinted via AFA15’s announcement.


Comprising of an indoor exhibition within the halls of Dewan Sri Pinang and outdoor concert/food stalls at the Esplanade just across the road, this event could potentially rival or surpass that of the annual Bon Odori Festival that are held on the same venue!



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