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Collaboration of AFA17 and C3

AFA have just become bigger with a collaboration with C3, and the event dates are finally decided!

Here’s the media release!


Biggest Japanese pop culture event organisers join forces to bring C3 AFA to various countries

Singapore, 22 March 2017 – SOZO, organiser of Anime Festival Asia events and Sotsu Co., Ltd, organiser of C3 events, have joined together to create “C3 AFA”. This new event aims to become the regional Cool Japan Event of Asia by developing a B2C event representing various Japanese contents such as anime, characters, comic, game, music, novel and more.


A Tease of AFA17

Just a poke at the fans of Anime Festival Asia, the logo for the 2017’s has been revealed on their official Facebook page… w


Looking forward to more info in the near future!

Acquisitions From AFA16

Although I no longer actively rampaging through ACG events for them (Sometimes bargain) figures and stuff for the past few years (I usually procure them through online shops exclusively nowadays), I do get several things from my trip to Anime Festival Asia 2016…

Once again thanks to the organisers for the access to the event.


Strangely enough, this year they’ve decided to do away the pass tag for us, instead we were given colourful complementary arm bands that doubled up as tickets, which we have to obtain daily from the registration counter. These arm bands were to be scanned (A new system implemented this year, no such measures during last year) upon entry and exit from the halls, just like the normal visitor’s tickets.

To denote our special status though, we were given a sticker label which we have to attach onto ourselves. I chose to put it onto my lens since I’ll be bringing it all around the venue for the day anyway. :P We were allowed access to the halls via an alternate entry point as well, which is totally free from the long queues of the regular entrance…


Fateful Encounters at AFA16

A natural occurrence during any ACG events, a throng of visitors and cosplayers alike flood the area just outside the exhibition halls, filled with walls of eager photogs and various photo-shooting setups, as well as wandering coser groups and loners, coupled with curious plebs wondering what the **** is going on… www


Countless heads can be seen everywhere for the duration of Anime Festival Asia 2106, especially when viewed from the floor where the exhibition halls are located (4th floor or Suntech Convention Centre; The cosplayers gathering spot is at 3rd floor)…


Hub of Creators at AFA16

Ah the doujinshi scene, full of custom contents that fulfil the imaginations and dreams of many other avid fans, be it on the subject of lewdness, cuteness, yuri, yaoi, etc…  


The Creators Hub is where these like-minded individuals converged, eagerly seeking their desires from the various craftsmen and artists from all over the region…