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Servants Reveal of an Extella Fate

Aside from a leak, there has been no more news on Fate/Extella, at least until now…

The official website just updated its page with a short PV, showcasing the next three playable Servants of the game.

Two Archer class Servants and a Saber class Servant has been announced, adding to the current list of three (Saber Nero, Saber Attila and Caster Tamamo no Mae), with the Archers revealed to be Mumei (We known him as EMIYA, for long time Nasuverse fans) and Gilgamesh.

While only a silhouette has been shown in the PV, those familiar with the series will easily recognised her as Arthuria. ^^;

Anyway, more info will be revealed on the 2nd of June. 


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