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The Crowd at PAM16

Penang Anime Matsuri 2016 Magical Summer successfully had its run last weekend, with your truly able to attend it in full for both days. =w=

Many thanks to a certain someone from SOZO for setting aside a pass for me, which I’d collected a day before the actual event during my lunch hour.


If you’re reading this, I’ve had my share of fun memories out from the two-day exhaustion.

Please do forgive me if I somehow trespass the privilege of the pass, which I’m not aware of. 

In the wee hours on the main day (Last Saturday), I’ve departed from my den in my trusty transport and headed towards the venue…

This is the 2nd run of PAM ever since the success last year, with full collaboration/support from the Penang state government itself. As per the immortal quote from the Chief Minister of the island later the day during the concert: “I don’t know anime, but I give you anime!” (Not exact words but close enough)…


There were already a number of eager comrades waiting in line to get their first dibs on their event ticket(s).

Even the entrance was fully packed with those already got their tickets in hand, redeemed or purchased before the main day or otherwise.


Even as the gate opens, the flash flood of them crowd poured in immediately like a company of hamsters being released from their captive cardboard box… XDc 

Most of them immediately turned their attention towards the AFA Shop just immediately to the right of the entrance of the main hall.

This is especially true for Day 1, when many of us had to endure long hour(s) of queue to get them limited items like guest cosplayers’ photo books and other odds and ends. I myself had to get in line for about 1 1/2 hours before gotten myself the stuff I need (A favour for a Singaporean friend who cannot attend the said event in person). 


Most local doujin stuff were located on the surrounding concourse on the 2nd floor of the main hall.

Many visiting comrades were eager to browse and sort through the booths for their favourite merchandise and artworks.


Located just across the main entrance is an enclosed area (With air conditioning) for the more commercial side of the booths, selling various figures, anime merchandise, DVDs, T-Shirts, etc.

Unfortunately, the inside was too dark for comfort, but the officials noticed the problem and immediately rectify the situation on the next day by adding more light source.


The PAM site moved towards the adjacent Esplanade field at the end of the day, for the night of concert and open air stalls just like last year’s.

On the road in between the two sites were a number of stalls to provide food and beverages to the crowd.


The open stage for the concert itself.

Many concert goers already gathered on site in wait for the most anticipated night full of anisong, as early as 1400 hours that day! Unfortunately, a downpour occurred just a couple of hours before the opening of the concert itself, forcing those already there to dash for nearby cover. XDc

Unfortunately I had to skip day 2 (motsu X DJ KAYA and GARNiDELiA) due to tight schedule… But I did heard of a strange phenomenon of Gardenia breads hovering amongst the crowd during GARNiDELiA’s concert… XDc


Although the field grounds were now muddy and full of accumulating rainwater spots, excited fans still came nonetheless.

I did stayed for half of the concert myself on day 1, enjoying a nice selection of songs from DJ YURiA (I do agree with many comrades that she need to brush up her DJing as well as transitioning between songs) as well as LiSA herself. One will never get bored of listening to Oath Sign (Fate/Zero) live on stage.


Due to limits of regulations, I cannot upload or post any photos I took during the course of Day 1’s concert. Then again I only have like about 4 photos of the concert night due to a majority of them being unusable any way.

We’ll take a closer look at the displays and booths of the main hall + enclosed tent in my next posting.


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