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Announcement of a Mini Fiesta

The officials, through their own social medium, dropped the dates for their annual ACG event(s) for the latter half of the year.


Aside from Comic Fiesta 2016 that will be held in the Putra World Trade Centre (Once again a change of venue from last years) on the 17th and 18th of December, the Penang based Comic Fiesta Mini will in turn be held on the 3rd and 4th of September.


Official Announcement of Guests for PAM16

Grander and more awesome than last year‘s, Penang Anime Matsuri 2016 Magical Summer is set to become one of the best ACG event ever happened on my island!


Scheduled to be held at Dewan Sri Pinang + Esplanade Park on the 21st and 22nd of May, PAM16 will probably be hailed as an AFA Mini from now on, judging by the roaring excitement of responses now flooding the official FB page… XDc


Cosers of a Mini Fiesta

Continuing on the Comic Fiesta Mini after report, here are the piccies I caught during the two days of the event, this time of them various cosplayers that appears on site. 


I’ll refrain from comments so you can have a thorough look at these lovely costumes of various anime, manga and game charas…


Lovely Dolls of a Mini Fiesta

Dolls, especially those of the 1/3 variety, has fast becoming regulars during any local cons these past few years. Looks like a lot of closet parents finally coming outta their sheltered shell. w

While there is no officially dedicated display booth for dolls, many of our visiting musuko and musume managed to find refuge under a kind Comic Fiesta Mini booth owner’s willingness to lend a part of their display for such. 


The owner is actually the same one I got to know during PAM15!

Very nice fellows, I’ve even placed a commission on them for something made for Tama-chan during our mingling at CFMini15. =w=  


Initiation of a Mini Fiesta

Comic Fiesta Mini happened last weekend, but only now I’ve managed to post-process and upload all them piccies caught during the event itself.

Held within the halls of Straits Quay Convention Centre, the annual event felt more organised and less chaotic this time when compared to its earlier years, namely the ones at Gurney Paragon and Penang Times Square, as those location are kinda too open (Paragon) and weird in layout (PTS).


Foxy mascots welcoming the visitors at the entrance. =w=

Anyway, here’s be the after-event report you’re looking for. 



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