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Japanese Trailer of an Extella Fate

Following the unveiling of the new trailer for the Western localised version of Fate/Extella, the Japanese updated their site with their own version. =w=

Save from language of the text, everything else is pretty much the same as the Western trailer. 


Western Trailer of an Extella Fate

The Electronic Entertainment Expo 2016 AKA E3 2016 may have ended, but with it a new trailer for the Western localised version of Fate/Extella has been unveiled, complete with audio this time!


The trailer is filled with actual game play footage and introducing various currently announced Servants available within the game. 


Tales From an Extella Fate

While XSEED Games promoting the English localised version of Fate/Extella at Electronic Entertainment Expo 2016 (E3 2016) currently in progress within the week, their Japanese counterpart too updated the official page with more info on the plot of the game.


From the reactions seen on the visitors of the gaming event, looks like Fate/Extella is gaining a lot of positive first impressions.

Many stated it feels faster, smoother and a lot better than other Musou games of late.


Store Bonuses of an Extella Fate

Continuing the hype train are more updates on Fate/Extella

Dengeki Online have released sample illustrations of the store specific bonuses, now fully coloured.


The following bonuses are illustration(s) on various medium, including towel, tapestry, etc…

Keep in mind these are but a selective few samples of the bonuses. There are other store bonuses like DLC costumes for various in-game characters, or a mug cup, as well. =w=


King of Knights of an Extella Fate

More Servants updated on the official site, Artoria Pendragon (A.K.A. Altria or Arthuria depending on your preference) of the Saber class is showcased along with a couple other playable Servants into the growing list of Servants in Fate/Extella…


A staple in many Fate series, the King of Knights once again made her way into this game, along with her trusty Noble Phantasm; the Sword in the Stone; Excalibur.



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