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Store Exclusive DLCs of an Extella Fate

The main site of Fate/Extella updated with a few more info on the store exclusive bonuses, this time on the costume DLC codes for various characters…


These codes can be redeemed via PlayStation Store once you got your hands on them, and the DLC will be downloaded and installed into your game.


3rd Round of the Servant Festa of an Extella Fate

The 2nd round of the Servant Festa voting ended with a new PV featuring the King of Conquerors, the recently unveiled Rider.

I wonder what’s the reason behind the poll’s purpose, since they are going to unveil him as a part of Attila’s faction anyway? ^^;


Any way, here comes the 3rd round!


2nd Round of the Servant Festa of an Extella Fate

The Servant Festa continues with the result of the first poll has been decided!

As previously mentioned, for the first part of this Summer Servant Festa, you get to choose one of the three main factions as appear in the game itself. 


The faction that tops the poll will be featured in a short CM!


System Expansion of an Extella Fate

More updates on the official site, now expanding further upon various in-game systems that will be available to the players of the Musou game of the Nasuverse, Fate/Extella…


First thing to notice is the changing of the term Form Change, it is now known as Moon Crunch. =w=

Aside from that, the various systems as covered below are perhaps a déjà vu to all past Musou games, like Sengoku Musou, Sangoku Musou and Sengeoku Basara… w


Knight of the Sun of an Extella Fate

Updated on the official site, Gawain of the Saber class is showcased along with a couple other playable Servants into the growing list of Servants in Fate/Extella…


On his hands wielding Excalibur’s sister sword Galatine, the Knight of the Sun (Also known as the White Knight from the Knights of the Round Table), will praise the sun exact his foul-mouthed wrath upon those who oppose him on the battlefield.

He belongs to Nero’s faction, even though he once looked down upon her (And Tamamo as well as EMIYA for that matter) during the events in Fate/Extra.



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