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Gods Gone Wild at AFA14

Yet another anime series to be featured in Anime Festival Asia 2014?

You bet! 


Appearing in The Idolm@ster stage as well as this one, seiyuu Imai Asami will bring along the director, screenwriter and the producer of the anime series Noragami from a couple of seasons back, just for AFA!

Featured Anime: Noragami



It is said that there are over 8 million gods in Japan. One of them, “Yato” is ranked in the lower ends of the gods. He meets a 14-year old ghost, Yukine, who becomes his assistant/weapon as well as Hiyori, a human high school girl.

NORAGAMI is based on a popular comic book and is produced as Anime by the acclaimed anime studio BONES.

Imai Asami



Born 16 May in Yamaguchi Prefecture. She is a Taurus with Type O blood type.

For THE IDOLM@STER, she voices Chihaya Kisaragi.

Please think up of interesting hobbies for her. She doesn’t know what special skills she has!

She has credits in Noragami (Tomone / Mayu), BLAZBLUE (Yayoi Tsubaki), STEINS;GATE (Kurisu Makise) and more!

In games, she has also voiced Ayumi Shinozaki in “Corpse Party”. She is active in a variety of genres, including as the lead personality on the radio show “Asami Imai’s Singer Song Gamer, and more.

Tamura Kotaro



Mr. Tamura is an animation director. “Noragami” is directorial debut after working as assistant director on the anime movie “Wolf Children”.

His representative works include “Noragami” (Director), “Wolf Children” (Assistant Director) and “Blast of Tempest” (Storyboards / Production).

Akao Deko



Screenwriter / Lyricist

She made her début as a screenwriter for the 2005 TV anime “Lime-Iro Senkitan X Cross ~Koi Oshietekudasai!”. Since then she has been involved in the screenwriting and series composition of anime, script writing for Drama CDs and games.

Her representative works include “Noragami” (Series composition / Screenwriting), “Arakawa Under the Bridge” series (Series composition / Screenwriting) and “Fresh Pretty Cure!” (Screenwriting).

Amano Naoki



Animation Producer at BONES, which is responsible for works such as “Eureka Seven” and “Full Metal Alchemist”.

His representative works include “Noragami” and “Eureka Seven AO”.


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