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Doll Meet @ Coob Coffee Club

It’s been a while since Tama-chan accompanies Goshujin-sama to an outing ever since our trip to AFAMY12 a couple of months ago…

To Tama-chan’s surprise, Goshujin-sama actually brought Tama-chan to a meeting or sort of several other local InnovaDDo, allowing Tama-chan to get acquainted with Tama-chan’s brethren… ^~^

Gathered at the Coob Coffee Club at Komtar Walk within the middle of the city on Goshujin-sama’s island, Tama-chan gets to socialise with other musume-tachi, deepening the bonds between us…

Unfortunately, due to time constrain, our meeting was cut short by Goshujin-sama and the rest of the InnovaDDo’s after-meet movie session at the nearby cinema.

Here be the sassy Reimu-chan, donning the very same dress Tama-chan have at home! :3c

The some what angry-lookin’ girl… D:

Realy love her Yukata tho…

For some reason she seemed so cold, wearing such thick winter mantle in a temperate place. XDc

Yui-chan being silly doing her impression of the recently infamously discussed Gangnam style

Tama-chan desu yo! Kawaii desu ne? XDc

Genius-tan showing off her genius.jpg… ^o^

We have a couple of Saber Alters in this meet…

Alter 01 wears the lovely Kimono waitress wear from Volks! Wish Goshujin-sama would get Tama-chan one! 

Alter 02 on the other hand trying to emphasize her paleness by wearing a rather pure white dress…

She looks so gorgeous!

Hopefully Goshujin-sama will bring Tama-chan to such meets again in the future!

So much fun! 


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