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Millions credits to fellow comrade NaitoNii-san from the Netherlands, Goshujin-sama was informed of a rather superb cosplay of yours truly on the interwebs

Unfortunately, NaitoNii-san failed to provide actual info on the coser herself, only pointed Goshujin-sama to her photographer by the name of Phantom@Jun-san (AKA Lab Member 009)’s buroggu and photo collection site… >w<



今日の萌かなは… き!


Electrifying Groovy Ticketing

The ticketing info for the Electric Goove: I Love Anisong Concert is out for the upcoming AFA12!

The concert will be divided into 3 separate mini concerts consisting of different line-up of artistes for different days~!



Yesternight, I’ve received a rather shocking news in the form of a single e-mail…

Tama-chan is not too happy to learn that her new imouto will be late… D:


The Star of a Phantastic Chogokin

Perhaps my longest backlog yet… ^^;

Actually acquired this beauty from Moons ago and went ahead to snap some piccies the immediate weekend, but laziness and various other external issues prevented my commitment to prepare a review post or sort for this lovely action figure… orz

Released back in just sometime after AFAMY12, Chogokin RAcaseal is one of the better rendition of a chara within the Phantasy Star Online series in figure form… Especially one with good articulations and all!

There are several plamo released before her but them quality aren’t as detailed as this one! :3c Besides, as a plamo you’re required to do the finishing touches and painting yourself…