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A prosperous Lunar New Nyaa to all~! X3c…


Sisterly Love… Twin Peaks

A wise one once said: There are always a higher mountain behind the hills…


Acquisitions: The Spoils of AFA11

Hammered by somewhat intense barrage of Post AFA Syndrome (Heard rotsa other comrades had the same problem… 0_0), I’ve not been able to properly sort out 俺の勝利品 from the event itself…

Good thing Tama-chan nursed me back to health as t’was quite a difficult period over the past week due to extreme loads of works from RL job (Even had to take a medical leave day off to cool my circuits >,<) and some minor others…

Anyways, back to early Christmas present unwrapping! XDc Got a trio of T-Shirts during Day 02, one from Cospa and the other two from K-On!’s booth

Cospa’s mine, a full print of Tenshi from Angel Beats! in deep blue colour… Wore this immediately on Culture Japan Night a couple of days later… XDc The K-On! ones belong to my best friend Donny Choo as souvenirs, as he can’t make it this year to the event… He accompanied me last year as my bodyguard… XDc


Unlimited Musket Works

Upped on Figma buroggu is a preview of the tragic mentor of Puella Magi Madoka Magica—

Figma Tomoe Mami!


A Tribute to the Musketeeress

After a certain SHAFTed incident upon our lovely Archer Class Musketeeress, her last experience has become the iconic representative of the Puella Magi Madoka Magica experience… 0_0

Really, really dig such smashing idea for a pen/thumb/flash drive… ^^; Now where can I get one? XDc

Updated: Someone really went a(be)head and did it! XDc