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A Tease of the Holy Night

Merry Christmas everyone! 

Nothing much this year due to an extremely narrow schedule for the weekend. 


Schoolmate’s wedding luncheon to attend to and a figure collectors’ event (3 events in total fall on the same day and time!!! Had to ditch the other 2 due to already committed on this one…) to take part as well…  

Nevertheless, here’s a shot of some of my newest Nendoroid collections that I’ve finally unbox, celebrating the Holy Night… ^^;




Two Earth Cycles have passed since the coming of Aria, always strive to go beyond the call of her duty to tackle the heavy tasks and abuses onto her…

Unfortunately it’s time for her to earn her rest, as she can no longer keep up with her diminishing energy…

And so I went all out research mode these couple of quarter Moons, asking and comparing various aspects of a new successor.

After much thought, I’ve finally welcomed Hanako as my personal assistant exactly a week ago… ^_^



After the disappointment of failure to get Hanazawa Kana’s lovely signature, I’d returned to my den with this Kanade Dakimakura untouched.

I guess it’s time to unleash her shiroi tsubasa… ^_~


Touched by an Angel

Arriving at the same time as the Ita-skin yesternite is a rather heavy danbooru from the Land of the Rising Anime…

Actually I went to fetch it from the Detention Centre due to their inability to properly deliver the said package the day before, eventho there’s someone at my den to receive it in my stead! Stupid Postal Dude… >,<

Unloading the acquisition reveals a (Should I say couple?) rather huge paperback! This surprises me as I’ve always thought Dengeki G’s Festival! Comic is a regular Animangazine similar to those like Nyan Type or Hobby Japan, not this… this phone directory…!!


Ita-skin Aria

After the disaster that is ITAttoo,  I’ve acquired a new Ita-skin by MyTego for Aria.

Another long, painful wait ensued tho as the Postal Dude took his sweet time to deliver the necessary tools, totaling up to a moon and a half in travelling time! 0_0

Anyways, finally got the envelope containing the Ita-skin last nite, time to commence the surgery onto my Aria! XDc

And nope, no om nom nom for you, Tako Luka tan!