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Sisterly Love… Kuro Ishi Ite

It took quite a while but finally my most anticipated package has arrived!!!

Everyone else around the globe must have already got their hands on the ever popular FigNendo Black Rock Shooter by now… XDc

Before introducing the latest acquisitions, here’s another serving of Sisterly Love to kick-start it off! ^_^

As you can probably notice, my package this time contains FigNendo BRS, as well as Kawamura Yuu from SeKirara! ^_^

Black x 2 + Pink = Moe! ^o^

I must admit, Figma BRS is probably the most badass and coolest of them all Figma to date…

The included chains (2 of them so to speak…) are quite heavy in their own rights… Took quite a while to set up the di:stage featuring Rock Shooter in its sealed form chained to the base… ^_~

Love BRS’s transparent flaming blue eye thingie… :Dc

My preciiiioooouuuuusssssssssss!!! ^^;

Coming up next is the pink battle chef ranger and her lovely kitchen army… X3c Wan-chan paw mark apron chou kawaii desu no~!

What’s up with that Wonderful Hobby Life For You!! 12 di:stage cover you ask? ^_~ Just received a letter from GSC on my entry to the WonFes Photo Contest that’s why… :3c

Yandere tendency growing…

Just be careful when you let Yuu handle those knives… ^^;

Chibi BRS looking bored in my den…

Rock Cannon berry kewt desu! >w<

The flaming eye, chibi version…


Nendo BRS: Jiiiiiiii… 0.#

Horo Plushie: Jiiiiiiii… =D

Remember Darth Vader’s ChopSabre I got from the last Earth cycle? Got myself another pair! This time it’s Darth Maul’s!

Saber: No stealing my gohan, goshuujin sama! XDc

Being Darth Maul’s ChopSabre and all, you can actually attach the twin lightsabres to form the signature double-bladed lightsabre as seen in the movie!

The connection is done via magnets located inside each ends of the ChopSabre… ^_^

Sisterly Love… Duality

Half a moon have passed in an instant, the girls of Nenpuchi Bake Nonogatari So no Ni have yet to escape their plastic prison… They actually arrived alongside Horo’s green beret, but was neglected for quite some time now… ^^;

Anyways, finally free up my Sunday to allow me to indulge myself with a flood of Summer WonFes 2010 news on Figma and Nendo, as well as unleashing the Bakemono girls… XDc…

It’s been a while, so let’s have our guest today to do the opening ceremony… XDc

A Stray Blade Technique~~~

Rou— Bu— Mek— Kyaku—

Kaitou— Ranmaaaa~~~~!!!!!

The whole process took only a few seconds tho, never mind the details… :P Anyways, the plastic prison has been broken…

I believe I’ve yet to introduce the guys in So no Ichi, so here they are along with the girls of So no Ni… Spoilers alert for those who haven’t followed the anime series… >,<

Arararararagi-kun, the pseudo immortal vampire and the MC of the anime Bake Monogatari…

Senjougahara Hitagi, the crabby tsundere with yandere tendency… XD

Currently dating our MC…

Hachikuji Mayoi, the loli with a map and a big bag… ^_^

Araragi’s groping target… :P

Kanbaru Suruga, the furry-armed self-proclaimed Fujo, M, Yuri and Lolikon…

Often offering her body to Araragi, despite his protests… ^^;

Sengoku Nadekoooo~! wwwwwwwwww

Araragi’s sukumizu secret admirer!!!

Hanekawa Tsubasa, the purrrfect nekomimi meganekko…

Nenpuchi army, the subsidiary of Nendo Coalition, is growing strong and has become a serious threat to the Figma Alliance! :3c

On side note: I kinda “accidentally” come by an unexpected acquisition while placing my PO for Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Iron Mark VI at my trusted hobby store yesternoon… ^^;

The Force is strong in this one! Been meaning to find myself a small scaled Darth Vader ever since my childhood, but never did I managed to find any with superb articulations AND great sculpt such as this… It’s a Hasbro-made Star Wars Saga figure I found at Toys ‘R’ Us while strolling around the mall after my Iron Man PO…

As you may notice, the details on this action figure are quite astounding…

Yes, you can actually unmask this Vader!

Fabric material for cape and clothing! Total pwnage in terms of quality, eventho Hasbro has been notorious for their bad manufacturing qualities (Psst! Transformers… >///<)…

A pity the one I got has some torn off edges on the fabric material… >,<

The signature weapon of the Dark Lord of the Sith!

If only the blade glows… XDc

The detached mask and helmet…

Just look at the details! 0_0

Beyond the Dark Lord and his Lightsabre, you also get a certain battle card, an Imperial blue die, a stand that double up as a card holder and an assortment of weaponries…

The weapons are slightly in scale with your average Figma, so they can probably use them…

As for the card and dice, you’re supposed to insert the card into the stand, and roll the die for some board game styled battle against other people’s Star Wars figures… No challengers tho… Sigh…

Just look at Darth Vader’s attributes on the card… 0_0

Like I said, just slightly in scale with your average Figma… ^^;

There is a reason this post is called Duality… Here’s sort of a continuation to the previous 4koma… XDc

Beware of Darth Vader’s choking Force Grip! XDc

Don’t worry, I am not your father… ^^;

Sisterly Love… Vuvuzela

The four-years-ly battle for the ball  is coming to an end in a couple of days! With fan favourites getting their asses kicked in every way ever since the start of the tournament, the surviving teams now desperately vie for the ever tempting Holy Grail-I-mean-golden World Cup…

Based upon the buzz (No pun intended… ^^;) generated around the ever accurate predictions by Paul the psychic World Cup predicting calamari…

The verdict is out! But who will win? The Dutch or the Spaniards??

Sisterly Love… Silver

The misadventure of a certain Nekomimi’s light music band member… ^^;

Yes, MariMite rewatch marathon over the past week inspired this panel… ^^;

Omake jikan~! Azu~nyan actually reached my den earlier this week, albeit took a little wild ride…

Was only be able to unseal her from her plastic coffin yesternite due to many, many reasons, of which I’ll stop right here from boring you into details… XDc

Several random shots of the lovely guitarist… ^_^

Her included neko and the 0_0 expression faceplate is a huge plus!

A gathering of Nendo HTT, minus Ritsu and Yui tho… ^_~

More bullying of Mio from now on! :3c

Sisterly Love… 24

Got the Nenpuchi Bakemono Set #1 earlier this May together with Combat-san, but is unable to dedicate myself to do a proper photo session due to my laziness, holding me back from doing a Sisterly Love 4koma on them… ^^;

Nevertheless, I’ve finally convinced myself to do so today, so here’s the latest instalment of the series… ^_^

Tis’ was a bad day for little Mikkumiku tho…

During this routine session, she exhibits some pain on her neck… And the next thing I know, she just goes “PLOP!” and decapped… 0_0

Tried to super-glue the joint back…

Now only time will tell as I had to leave it to dry overnite… Expecting result tomorrow… >,<