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The Days During C3 AFA 2018, Vol. 03

Finalising the after report on C3 Anime Festival Asia 2018…


Let’s have a look at the doujin, the cosers and the dolls today…


A Singularity at C3 AFA 2018

Fate/Grand Order, the phenomenal mobage available to the Android/iOS, is one of the main attraction for C3 Anime Festival Asia 2018…

The main stage event for FGO were held on day 2, featuring the Chaldea Radio Station duo Takahashi Rie and Tanaka Minami, alongside Fate series veteran Kawasumi Ayako, and last but not least, the Creative Producer, Shiokawa “Salt River” Yosuke himself.

As no photo-shooting and video-taking were allowed, there’s nothing from the stage hall I can show you here…


There was a brief talk on the game itself, but from the perspective of the US version instead of the JP version, which is a bummer to many of us.

The guests each talked on various part of the 1st arc of the story, as well as holding a live-dubbing session for each of their voiced character in-game. Kawasumi-san provided the most fan service by reciting Noble Phantasm lines of Altria Pendragon, Altria Pendragon (Alter) and Altria Pendragon (Archer).

TFW Nitoris (VA: Tanaka Minami) and Mash (VA: Takahashi Rie) were surprised most of us are Masters of the JP version instead, brought a smile to our face. Another highlight of the stage was Tanaka-san noticing various Medjed cosplayers within the stage hall. XDc 


The Days During C3 AFA 2018, Vol. 02

Let’s continue our after report on C3 Anime Festival Asia 2018…

Flower Knows



The Days During C3 AFA 2018, Vol. 01

The busy and wonderful weekend of C3 Anime Festival Asia 2018 has come and gone…

It’s time to do an after report… 


Held at the Suntec Convention Centre from the 30th of November until the 2nd of December, C3 AFA 2018 celebrated its 10th year anniversary this year.

What a long decade full of great line-ups and contents, which started its roots back in the year 2008!


The Day Before C3 AFA 2018

One sleepless night left until the beginning of C3 Anime Festival Asia 2018 weekend, and here I am unconsciously paid a visit to the site as I took a stroll at nearby malls a couple of stations away… 


Did not even have planned for this short trip, but did anyway LOL…