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Can’t Say Goodbye to Yesterday

But I must, as we’d already entered the dawn of a new year!





あけおめ (o’д’)从(‘д’o) ことよろ

3… 2… 1… HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


Looking back, it was a year full of exciting stuffs.


Standees of AFA14

With the scale of the event this year, it’s no doubt many exhibitors chose to invest more on their promotional display materials.

Many had their very own photo booth for public photo-shooting, others have human-sized standees guarding theirs… w


Yes, them standees have their own separate post due to the immense amount of them that I’ve managed to capture into my lens… orz 


Good Smile Company of AFA14

Good Smile Company is one of the regulars of any conventions all around the world, AFA included. 


Serving cutesy Nendo, cool Figma and beautiful scaled figures of mainstream popular series to their fans, GSC is no doubt one of the most successful figure maker in the industry.