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「The Last Escape」

「Vaulting over the railings, I dropped down onto the floor below, with the monstrosity trailing behind via the descending platform.

「The former William, or at least that’s what I heard Annette labelled it as such, came at me with its massive appendages raised, ready to strike me down with no mercy.


「Backed to the corner of the area, surrounded by various tanks and equipment of scientific/industrial use or sorts, I prepare myself to face this thing.」

「Time to end this here once and for all, or risk taking the risk of letting William wander out of this place and spread the virus around…」



「A Botanical Disaster」

「The room is a mess, covered in dandling vines and unknown vegetative substances all around.

「Hanging half way above ground is a dried corpse wrapped in assortments of plant-like tentacle things.


「As I venture further to the end of the room, a sudden unnatural shriek caught my attention.」

「It looks like your average zombie at a glance, but is covered in vines and wooden features, all dried up, seemingly drained by the plants. It move towards me in a very eerie fashion, something like in a horror movie.」


「Welcome to the NEST」

「As fire spread across one side of the main power room, I ran around desperately for another exit while narrowly avoiding the sharp massive claws of that abomination, bursting out from the low ceiling of the room.

「After a few unsuccessful swipes, the creature let out a monstrous roar, scuffling around the room ceiling, and reached the other side of the exit shutter I was unable to open earlier.


「With a few tries, the creature managed to cut through the shutter with ease, slowly parading into my view menacingly. 」

「I lowered my stance, preparing my legs for a burst of speed to flee the room at all cost…」


「Descent into the Abyss」

「After setting the corpse on fire, Annette Birkin turned around and high-tailed it. 」

「Ada tried to give chase but was met with a flurry of gunshots from the opposition. 」


「I dove into the F.B.I. in an attempt to shield her from the barrage, catching a bullet to my shoulder in the process. 」

「Intense pain crept around my gaping gun shot wound as I urge the visibly worried Ada to pursue ahead to stop Annette once and for all, before I slowly fading into unconsciousness…」


「Mr. X」

「After calming the flames that rage upon the helicopter wreckage by redirecting the flow of the water pipes, I ventured back into the hallway at the back of the precinct, hoping to find a way around the once blocked hallway so I can return to the main hall.

「At the turn of the corner, my eyes fixated upon the now doused site in disbelief.


「A huge figure in a heavy trench coat, complete with a hat that looks really unsuitable for him. His expression look as bland as his pale, emotionless face.」

「Effortlessly, he lifted the helicopter wreckage away like it was nothing, and proceed to approach me, the stomp of his heavy boots echoing the hallway…」