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A new year, a new dawn! A Lunar one that is… (   |  ‿‿  |   )

Regular followers of Sisterly Love series will immediately recognised the following 4koma… ^_~


For the uninitiated, it is the Year of the Goat, or Sheep, or Ram, or whatever you like it to be… :P

Sorry for the reuse of the same neta, but I think the 4koma is very suitable for this Lunar New Year.



I am the Knightess of my Pink Republic
Animanga is my passion, figure is my raison d’être

I have created over a thousand excuses
Not to get a Dollfie, yet to no avail

Have withstood pain to cancel many pre-orders
Yet those sacrifices will never help much

So as I plan, Unlimited Instalment Works!


Conceived roughly a trio of Earth cycles ago, it wasn’t after several passing seasons later before the actual summoning is complete.





A prosperous Lunar New Nyaa to all~! X3c…


Sisterly Love… 超電磁砲

Tokiwadai Middle School’s Ace Esper has finally meet her match!



Two Earth Cycles have passed since the coming of Aria, always strive to go beyond the call of her duty to tackle the heavy tasks and abuses onto her…

Unfortunately it’s time for her to earn her rest, as she can no longer keep up with her diminishing energy…

And so I went all out research mode these couple of quarter Moons, asking and comparing various aspects of a new successor.

After much thought, I’ve finally welcomed Hanako as my personal assistant exactly a week ago… ^_^


Sisterly Love… インタビュー

Based upon a certain Reporter Domo‘s scene… ^_~


Sisterly Love… 初デビュー

I’ve recently been recruited into a rather large gathering of comrades as their resident 4koma Jester for the mon0r court, juggling figure randomness for the amusement of the masses…^^;

So for my 1st début work I present to you (And them x their readers… XDc)—


Redraw of Imouto-tachi

Remember the result of Figma MISAKA lucky draw announced earlier this moon? Well, it seem many MISAKAs are not amused with the process of drawing, complaining of unfairness…

Guess what? The organiser apologised to the sisters and decided to remix the lot and pick out 3 additional winners!


The Draw of a Lucky MISAKA

And the results are in!

The winners of Figma MISAKA lucky draw has been revealed at Dengekiya!



Invasion confirm… The MISAKA Sisters have launched a full-scale assault on the peaceful OtaCoolTure no Saka!

Excessive moe overdose assured! XDc


えーと、貴方が私のご主人様…… でいいんですよね?

Shattering the very fabric of imagination and reality, a certain foxy miko have finally graced my den from her realm of 0’s and 1’s!

It–it’s… Caster Extra from the PSP RPG Fate/Extra!!! X3c


ウルフ • ミーツ • クーロン

A newcomer has joined the Fellowship of the Futon! =3c

Her name is… MISAKA aka Misaka Imouto!



Immediately after the long Chinese New Year Holidays, the Postal Dude finally delivered the long-awaited To Aru Majutsu no Index 1st Release Limited Edition PSP Game to my doorsteps…

Just as the 1st Release Limited Edition of Fate/Extra PSP Game before it, I ordered this purely for the included Figma Misaka Mikoto, my fave chara among the hundreds in the To Aru Series… ^_~

An overview of the main box… Unlike the illustrative beautiful Fate/Extra, To Aru Majutsu no Index (Index Henceforth) has its cover covered with the main chara of the series on a rather bland black background…



From the expert plushie maker of Aoshima comes a trio of lovely Chara-Mofu huggies from the ever popular To Aru Majutsu no Index II anime series!

1st in the line is Misaka Imouto, the half-sleepy-eyed shimapan clones of Biribiri! XDc


A Certain Hentai and Kuudere Imouto

More Railgun goodness, in Figma form to boot!!! And so our imagination will be broken with such exciting news!

Looks like the ever popular Misaka Imouto will get herself a Figma treatment… She’ll be a Dengekiya exclusive merchandise of which her PO will start this 8th of October…

Only 20,000 pieces of her will be cloned (In accordance to her numbers in the anime…), each of her Figma base will be serial-numbered too!