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Marble Phantasm!

Well, that didn’t take too long… ^^;

As of yesternite, Figma Blog updated thair page with more piccies of the raburi Figma Phantas-Moon and as always judging from the trend set from past years, she’ll be available for PO starting the next day, which is today! :3c



Phantastic Moon Carnival

Revealed within the latest Type-Moon Ace animangazine alongside Figma Saber Zero, is none other than the Figma of pure white Mahou Shoujo (!?) Phantas-Moon!

Phantas-Moon is a magical girl parody of Arcueid Brunestud of Tsukihime infame, and have since appeared on various Type-Moon games (Fate: Tiger Colosseum Upper) and manga titles…


Type Me to the Moon and Let Me Ace Amongst the Stars…

Shipped only on the 4th day after New Year’s due to holidays, was very surprised when I got the package a couple of days later from Amazon Japan! My what fast courier service! ^^;

Just like any Animangazine I got before, the shipping is a killer, costing 3 times the price of the product itself!! ^^;