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Dreamy Outfits for the 10th Moon

Unveiled during the September issue of Volks News, which incidentally doubled up as the 50th Volume since its publication, there will be an event this coming 20th… ^_~

Besides the Tenshi no Sumika Fair 2012/Cool Kyoto 2012 event., the October New Outfit Collection will be made available on Volks Website Store as well.

Expect rotsa InnovaDDoushi and campers to fight against one another for a chance to land some of these raburi raburi merchandise onto their musume’s hands… :3c



A Journal of Dreamy Doll(fies)

Since last Saturday, InnovaDDo with subscription to Volks News infozine has been flooding the interwebs with discussions and speculations of the upcoming outfits and new DD related items from the latest September issue of Volks News Vol. 50. ^_~

Seems like these lovely merchandise will be available during the Tenshi no Sumika Fair 2012/Cool Kyoto 2012 event…

Tama-chan has set Tama-chan’s eyes upon a single pinkish outfit that Tama-chan must get Tama-chan’s hands on. Tama-chan wonder if Goshujin-sama will get one for Tama-chan? :3c


A Party of Dreamy Doll(fies) on the 3rd Moon

While Goshujin-sama is busy ogling at them new girls (Hhhmmpphh! >,<) in WonFes 2012 Winter (Which falls on today) using Hanako, Tama-chan will take this opportunity to do some research of her own… ^_~

By the past week, the InnovaDDo community has been bombarded with information on various new merchandise that will be made available to them and their musume on the upcoming Home Town Dolpa Kyoto 9 event in March, via the latest Volks News Vol 47 just delivered to them…