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Setting Fire (Works) in the Rain

Last weekend, after enjoying the Ghostbusters 2016 reboot movie (Pretty entertaining I must say, shame to the trailers for making it look bad) in the morning at a local cinema without my usual companion (He had to abandon the movie in favour of bringing his sick son to a doctor; Apparently after diagnosis later the day the little one got some throat infection), I’ve spent several hours back my den resting in preparation of the hectic evening ahead. 

Yes, it’s that time of the year again to visit the Bon Odori Matsuri held at the Esplanade on my island. =w=


Arriving a couple of hours earlier in order to avoid heavy traffic, I’ve instead paid a visit to a Theme Cafe located just close-by, as there’s an Anime Cosplay Gathering happened since the morning on the same day.

Never actually enter this Toys Café before since its opening years back, I’m extremely curious of what decorates the interior of this café, while showing up my face and mingle with the attendees of the gathering…



Mecha Love… They Are Coming!

A childhood dream comes true in just a couple of weeks time at your cinema near you!!


Sisterly Love… 恋の日

Singles Awareness Day St. Valentine’s Day ForeverArone Day ish here again!


Heroic Knight in Shining Armour

Ever since the first movie adaptation of Iron-Man back in the year 2008, many fans of the armoured Marvel superhero has cried out for action figures of the Man in the Iron Mask

Hong Kong based figure meister Hot Toys first attempted this with much success (Ruling out the weak quality Western based makers like Hasbro and others), fusing incredible sculpt with top-notch articulations and gimmicks, not to mention the lifelike paint job and rendition of the face of the actor himself in figure form!

Unfortunately, incredible quality calls for incredible pricing, which simply not affordable to the masses…

Until Revoltech’s intervention last year with an action figure of their own… ^_~



Uwaa~! Long time no acquisitions! Unlimited Installment Works have really taken a toll on my figure/Gunpla collections, but it is worth it as the last phase has come to a close now… =3c

POed a trio of seasons back, I’ve finally got my hands on the Hot Toys 1/6 Movie Masterpiece of my most favourite Marvel superhero: the Iron-Man Mk VI after many push backs and delays! ^w^