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A Mirage for a Hopeful Walküre

Macross Delta was aired last year on Japanese TV, and later brought to domestic viewings via DVD and BR releases, has managed to garner a cult of followers old and new alike, pretty much a staple to the Macross franchise every generation. Just like Macross Frontier, a movie version will be made as well, with an announcement coming soon in a few days…

Instead of focusing upon a single or a duo of the titular songstress(es) this time, the plot involves an idol unit of five holding live concerts around the known Macross galaxy to overcome the rising threat of a sort of space rabies that turns normal citizen into rage-induced crazies rampaging their surroundings. The miracle of singing will subdue the effect and return the infected back to normal, thanks to the magic of Deculture.

Each of these idols have a unit of Valkyrie acting as their personal backup dancer as well as their protection when they descend upon the battlefield arming only with a layer of holo-projection dancer suit and their weapon of mass conversion – their singing voice.


The 3rd in line for Macross Delta DX Chogokin series of these Valkyries, VF-31C Siegfried is pretty much identical to the previous two Siegfried releases, except of course the colour scheme and the design of the Battroid’s head.

Piloted by Mirage Farina Jenius, the Siegfried is paired with the sexy Nakajima Makina, a member of the Walküre idol unit, with the dark magenta/pink as its colour scheme. If the pilot’s name sounds familiar to you, especially those who’ve followed the series since its original, she is a descendant of the fine lineage that is the cross-species union of Max and Milia Jenius from the first series and her mother is the niece of Mylene Flare Jenius from Macross 7. 

Anyway, back to the Valkyrie itself, the main topic of this post. www


Fiery Rooster Entering a New Lunatic Year

The Monkey stopped going apes at the end of this season, making way for the Rooster to cock a doodle doo!

Please bear with me and excuse my animal puns… :P


The guilt of neglecting Ranka-chan for a long time now has finally caught up to me, so I guess I should let her come out of the closet and be the kanban musume this year in the celebration of this prosperous Lunar New Year. =w=

Tama-chan can just stay back, relax and enjoy the festive season this time…


Going Apes in This Lunatic Season

The Goat went by, and the Monkey arrived to bring a prosperous new year ahead!

Once again, it’s the dawn of a new lunar year, the annual festive season bringing along lots of reds decorations, Mandarin oranges, God of Prosperity, lion dances, fireworks, Ang Pows (Red Packets), visiting relatives and friends that ask you the same question every year… Oh well you know the rest… :P


Even the Petit’gguys are in the mood to start their own celebrations of showering in golds and plum flowers… XDc


A Gathering of Collectors

Got an invitation to join a gathering of us local collectors of various anime/manga/game figures and toys, last weekend.

We were encouraged to bring along some of our collections for display, as this is also an exhibition event or sort, in a local mall close by.


Incidentally within the same day, there are other events going on around town, on the island and main land. The Bounenkai, a cosplayers event at another mall nearby; Danny Choo’s Culture Japan Night (Noon infact, just like the one 3 years back, same venue even… ^^;) at yet another venue, still within the island; And Day 2 of an ACG event called TAGCON in the main land.

As I’ve already promised and committed to turn out in the Anime Collectible & Games Penang event, I’d to abandon the idea of attending the rest, although my close friends did managed to visit them in my stead. XDc


The Displays of Cosplay Invasion 4

Continuing from earlier post, let us have a glimpse at the many figures and stuff on display during the event. 


Kotoburd made an impact (OK, OK that was a lame pun…) during Cosplay Invasion 4, at the figure display booth of which I’m one of the exhibitor of. =w=