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And the Year of the Snake goes back to its slumber, as the Year of the Horse galloping towards a great new year ahead~!


Once again, a prosperous Lunar Pony New Nyaa to all~! X3c…





A prosperous Lunar New Nyaa to all~! X3c…



あけましてお萌えで―っててて, that was almost a full Moon ago! ^~^;

Just a few moments earlier with complements of distant fireworks, we’ve entered another dawn of a brand new Lunar New Year!! ^0^

And so the bunnies have retired, leaving the new Earth Cycle to the care of the just arrived Dovahkiin! ^_~


Sisterly Love… Dovahkiin

Pack your bunnies away for in less than a day’s time, we’ll see the rise of the Dovahkiin~~!!!


Spring Cleaning!

Lunar (Chinese) Year of the Rabbit is approaching in just a trio of days! As dictated by tradition, I must do a spring cleaning before the big day!

During the exhausting task of taking my room apart, I’ve uncovered many hidden musume and mecha that I’ve no longer have any interests with…