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More Special Guests of AFAMY12

More updates on AFAMY12‘s official site

Several days ago, the officials of AFAMY teased of the possible visit of a special celebrity cosplayer “Dat Kuroneko” Miyuko

It is now a confirmation that she’ll be in the event exclusively in her amazing cosplay drawn from her experiences and skills in fashion design!


A Foxy Coser of AFAMY12

With the upcoming AFAMY12 drawing closer and closer, more info have been teased and released seemingly at random, trying to hype up the excitement of would be visitors… 0_O

Looks like there will be a kyubi kitsune of League of Legends joining us at the event itself!



After some mishaps at the overly cautious, dat white nyan nyan in black finally found her way to her master’s den… ^_~

Upped for PO at the end of Summer last year, Figma Kamineko “Sei Tenshi Kamineko” Ver. is finally being released to the wild mid last Moon…

Being a Dengekiya Online Shop exclusive, of course I had to rely on a third-party deputy service to receive her in my stead before rerouting her transfer to my direction…


Sisterly Love… メリクリ

After the disappointment of an unexpected gift from last Earth Cycle, how will Chibily fares this year? XDc



Looks like Figma Kamineko is finally upped for pre-order…

Tama-chan sensed Goshujin-sama has already placed a tractor beam onto Dengekiya in order to secure one white kitten… ^~^



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