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Hey! 提督ぅー。 いつも頑張ってるけど、あまり無理はしないで欲しいデース!

Reached me door steps some time during early December via EMS, is Kongou Kai II from Bandai x Tamashii Nations Armour Girls Project of the ever popular browser game Kantai Collection.

There was supposed to be another parcel, shipped via unregistered SAL, that should be arrived at around the same period, but it never delivered even to this date.


The said parcel contains the add-on wave effect part for this Kongou, along with Takara Tomy’s Blackarachnia.

I’m afraid it has been lost during the holidays (Or the Postal Dude stole it to be their Christmas presents… D:), and upon contact Amiami refused to reimburse or help me over the matter since it doesn’t have a registered tracking number… T^T



私の活躍見てくれたの? もっと頑張るから目を離しちゃNo! なんだからネ!

Bandai and Tamashii Nations strike back with loads of pre-production coloured samples of the upcoming AGP Kongou Kai 2.


As much as I’ve cautioned myself against obtaining an AGP due to the infamous fiasco involving the 1st of the Kancolle AGP line, Yamato, the latest photos of AGP Kongou Kai 2 convinced me otherwise…


Armouring Up the Flag Ship, desu!

If you have paid attention to my past blog entries and choice of figure collections, you’ll discover that my preference being action figures and dolls that allow high level of poseability.

While I am not a true Teitoku (As I gave up on trying to win the lottery into the browser game servers after many tries) to the Kancolle fandom per se, I do have my fave ships and all, most notably the first of the Kongou class battlecruiser. w

I have since collected Kongou in various medium, including Nendoroid, Dakimakura and sling bag just to name a few.

Tama-chan even cosplayed as the hyperactive kanmusu too.


Although I would love a Figma Kongou after the release of Nendo Kongou, the lack of hints from Good Smile Company or Max Factory contribute to my anxiety of ever getting a decent action figure of her, at least until the announcement from Bandai x Tamashii Nations’s Armor Girls Project of Kancolle line.

AGP Kongou will utilise her image of her Kai 2 mode, a second modernisation of her in the game after gaining enough levels. w

AGP Kongou Kai 2 will be the 6th in the AGP Kancolle line, and truth to be told, I’m kinda wary of actually acquiring her.




Another year, +1 to age… ^^;


あけおめ (o’д’)从(‘д’o) ことよろ

3… 2… 1… HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


Looking back, it was a year full of exciting stuffs.