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Assassins of a Broken Creed

Yet another featured anime to be shown on stage during C3AFASG17!

Tagging along will be a seiyuu and the producer Kawase Kohei…

博多豚骨ラーメンズ (Featured Anime)


Hakata, a city where 3% of the population are said to be assassins. On the surface it looks like a peaceful touristic city in Fukuoka.

However, its underside is a battleground for assassins with high crime rates.

A freshman assassin on the edge

An assassin hired by a politician

An informant with genius hacking ability

Beautiful Avanger

Ex-mercenary turned Torturer

Hakata loving Private-eye

An assassin caught by the underground organization

When assassins’ tales are told, an “Assassin Killer” appears from the darkness!