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Guest Cosplayers Reveal of AFA2018

Announced earlier the week, the line-up for this year’s guest cosplayers for Anime Festival Asia has been decided!


Amongst the confirmed to attend the event itself are: Angie, Baozi & Hana, Hakken, Kaname, YingTze and Siutao…

Many of them are regulars to the event itself!



Guest Cosers of AFA16

Various well-known cosplayers from around Asia region has come together as guests for Anime Festival Asia 2016, many of them regular attendees from past AFA events too. 


Excerpt from the official Facebook page:

Calling all cosplay lovers! Do not miss this star studded line-up of International cosplay heavy weights coming to Singapore this November for AFA Singapore 2016!!! Angie (MY), Baozi & Hana (CN), Enako (JP), KANAME✩ (JP), Mon (TW), Reika (JP), stayxxxx (TW) and Ying Tze (MY)!!


Stage Events @ AFA15

This should be the conclusion to all my experiences during the 3 days of AFA. 

While in past years, most of my Stage Area experiences bordered to only on-site-experience as photography during session is prohibited.

This year though I’ve managed to snap some shots (Of those allowed of course), so here they are for your eyes only. =w=


Of those no-photo sessions though, these panels remained in my memory vividly: Show Hayami’s voice during the course of Goshiusa panel, Mayayan’s magic during Charlotte panel, Akkarin~!!! during Yuruyuri panel, the Japanese comedy skit and Saitama sensei during One Punch Man panel.

Skipped the ARCC and Garakowa movie session though, due to limit of my schedule for the 3 days. 


Guest Cosplayers of AFA15

With Anime Festival Asia 2015 in Singapore drawing closer, and the Indonesian AFAID15 just completed, the officials finally started to release more info on the event (AFA15) itself, which will occur at the end of next month.


While we have yet to be given the name list of seiyuu guests and other ACG industry giants, it seems like the attendance of a number of well-known guest cosplayers have been confirmed…


Stage Schedule of AFA13

In less than a couple of weeks time, yours sincerely will make the annual pilgrimage down South to the City of Fishy Lion to attend the event a majority of us has been waiting for – the Anime Festival Asia 2013!


Aside from the ones announced a few weeks earlier, there are more special guests that will make their appearance to the event itself!

AFA is still growing and getting better than past years, comrades!