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Comical Mini Fiesta

An expansion to the Northern region, the decade+ old Comic Fiesta (one of the largest ACG event in my country and the region) graced my island.


As a warm-up towards my eventual visit to the actual Comic Fiesta later the year, I’ve attended this Comic Fiesta Mini yesterday directly after my RL job, which was held at the newly opened Gurney Paragon Mall, of which CJNoon was once held in its adjacent building earlier this year.  :3c



Tease of a Mini Fiesta

“It’s… it’s not like I want to bring awesome ACG goodness to Penang!” – Mi, CF Mini mascot & tsundere extraordinaire.


Comic Fiesta is one of the largest anime convention in my country, and has run for about a decade now, of which I’ve managed to not attend any of them before… ^^;

Nevertheless I am preparing to attend one end of this year, after AFA of course. :3c


Culture Japan Noon

When Danny-san announced the news some weeks earlier, it was an incredible surprise to all of us Islanders that he’s going to hold a CJN on our island!

To be held in the St. Joseph’s Novitiate at the Gurney Paragon, Penang, the gathering will begin at a rather odd hour: 1300 – 1800 on a Saturday (Thus Culture Japan Noon instead of Culture Japan Night… XDc)… 0_0

For the uninitiated, St. Jo’s is a heritage building made anew via reconstruction, and is now a hub for community events with rotsa restaurants surrounding it…