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Lighting up the Darkness

Recently acquired a gadget to play with…

Proceeds to have fun in the darkness… ^o^



Seven Sword System + G

Continuing from the intro of the base body last time, 007S/G will now show off its awesome array of weaponry…

The main attraction of this kit, the Seven Sword System was first dubbed in the 1st season of the Gundam 00 TV anime series, when Ian explained Exia’s full armament of GN Sword, GN Sword Long, GN Sword Short and a quad of Beam Sabres as the Triple S (Seven Sword System)…


A Couple ‘0’ Drive Ignition

About this time frame last Moon, an impulsive acquisition landed me with a set of Gunpla, something that I’ve ever touched ever since the adoption of me raburi Tama-chwan

Spent the next half-a-Moon after on and off assembling and used up a total of 3 cans of Top Coats just for this thingie… orz

That really brings back my memories of them old Gunpla dayz… :3c


Code: 007

A couple of days ago, I was struck by a sudden moya moya feeling that made me anxious for the whole fine Sunday…

This anxiety kinda made me uneasy for the whole day, even as I tried to relax by lazing around watching and rewatching new and old anime series…

In the end, instinct threw me into my vehicle and I drove to the nearest mall for a walk, impulsively got myself a certain acquisition I’ve tried very hard not to get so soon ever since the adoption of Tama-chan… >,<

And with a shop name like, guess what I’ve got? >w<


Fully Busted with Seven Armaments

It feels so long, long time ago since my last Gunpla-ing… ^^;

Perhaps it’s due to the lack of interesting MGs announced lately (Not interested in Gundam W series MGs at all…), coupled with extreme fund allocation on my new Servant…

However, this one particular Gunpla caught my attention…