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Record of Memories

After the arrival of the token of participation in the form of a specially printed Nendo Stand Mk II last moon, another memento of a hobby life reached the den… ^_~

Similar to last year’s, each of us top 200 finalists of GSC’s 13th Wonderful Hooby Life 4 You 5th PhotoCon gets a compilation booklet of all the entries to feast our eyes… 0w0



Fancy adopting a chibi little Magikano for your own, umm… usage? Want a SAN (Suddenly Acquired Nendoroid) by your door step?

“Look no further, just come and form a contract with me”, declares 9Bay-tan as it tries desperately hopping to reach the viewpoint of prospective Puella Magi in front of her…


Miku-tan no Omocha!

Over these past few moons, many arrivals from separate sauce have finally reached my den… =3c

Nope, Miku-tan… They’re not yours… ^^;


Stand up to the Nendo

Roughly a season ago, I’ve entered the GSC’s 13th Wonderful Hobby Life 4 You 5th PhotoCon in hoping to nail myself a set of PS3 (1st prize!)…

Unfortunately, my entry failed to win me some of the most attractive prizes made available…^^;

Ah well there’s always next year… ^~^


Appending Vocaloid Songstress

Some days before the official WonFes set-to-be announcement by GSC, Mikatan accidentally leaked a piccie containing a glimpse at the 100th Figma! ^^;

It was quickly taken down from her buroggu tho, but not before the ever vigilant Tsukiboard managed to snatch that particular piccie for us! XDc



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