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A Tease of the Holy Night

Merry Christmas everyone! 

Nothing much this year due to an extremely narrow schedule for the weekend. 


Schoolmate’s wedding luncheon to attend to and a figure collectors’ event (3 events in total fall on the same day and time!!! Had to ditch the other 2 due to already committed on this one…) to take part as well…  

Nevertheless, here’s a shot of some of my newest Nendoroid collections that I’ve finally unbox, celebrating the Holy Night… ^^;





A prosperous Lunar New Nyaa to all~! X3c…



Weeks before GSC’s resident Figma-holic Nitohei-san hinted revealed thru his Tweet that a special version of Kuroneko, as seen in the latest volume of Ore Imo light novel series, will make her appearance in Figma form soon!

And sure this Black Kittie did! :Dc