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Sisterly Love… 恋の日

Singles Awareness Day St. Valentine’s Day ForeverArone Day ish here again!



Defining high experience…

Something nice happened to me a couple of days ago after all the complications… I’ve finally procured my dream 32″ Widescreen LCD TV!

While it’s not the Samsung Series 4 I aimed to get earlier (Due to end of stock… the place I went to said there’ll be no more production of Series 4 :( ), this LG 32LH20R-TA is pretty much on the same level, with added Energy saving mode, direct USB support and two HDMI input ports (Which I don’t use as my consoles doesn’t support those…)… ^^; It’s on the same price range as well @ MYR 1579… ^_^ More product specs here

Being pampering myself with this huge screen these couple of days by watching HD/BR quality anime series (Most notably Gundam 00 and Kemeko Deluxe! XD) and playing games on High Definition… :D

Currently obsessed with a PC game called Prototype, a Spider-Man series-styled free roaming pseudo hero action game which took my breath away with intense bloods and gores ala the recent X-Men Origins: Wolverine game as well as carnage fun-filled city free running… And I do mean free running as you can literally run around and along skyscrapers with your bare foot and also glide from buildings with no wings whatsoever!

That aside, I’ve tested the LCD TV with my trio of consoles as well… Xbox 360 runs impressively with the Component input port (Tested with Star Ocean: The Last Hope… Jaw dropping HD graphics!), while Wii runs respectably on a regular AV input port (But huge screen is a humongous plus for rail shooter games, like Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles I’d tested)…

As the LCD TV contains only one AV input port, I had to swap the cables in order to test my PS2. Unfortunately, the graphics on this dated system looks incredibly bad on the huge screen due to pixel-ization (Tested with the bug shooting Ichigeki Sacchu Hoi Hoi san, which lacks the cutesy squeaky footsteps sound from the short OVA… >,<) …

Some piccies of the LCD TV with the denizens of my room.. :D

Never showcase these two before… They’re Kotobukiya’s budget range Mode Lock Plamo mechas from Full Metal Panic! Anime Series, ARX-7 Arbalest and M-9 Gernsback respectively with custom paint job… XD Painting is such a chore for me (Besides… I’m bad at minuscule paintings…) that I’m still keeping my other two Mode Locks – Sky Girl’s Fujin and A4-1 FMP!’s Falke in box… Sky Girl’s Reijin is fully painted but currently resides in another cabinet…

My daughter is weeping because of what happened to her upcoming sister

My Perfect Grade Astray Red Frame tried its best to calm down the weeping princess… :D

Gonna go watch Hayate no Gotoku! Second Season in HD now! XD