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Extra Merchandise of Another Fate

After a full Moon since the release of Fate/Extra CCC, I’ve finally completed and obtained Tama-chan’s Servant Ending! www


While preparing to start the game anew with New Game + using another Servant (I’ve decided on Aka Saber! www), I’ve unwittingly knowingly scoured the vast space known as the internet and found several related merchandise now in pre-order stage.


Expanded Characters Chart of an Extra Fate

Very soon, the PSP JRPG extraordinaire Fate/Extra CCC will finally be released…


And of course more characters has been revealed at the official site


Alternate Costumes of an Extra Fate

Revealed in the latest issue of Famitsu is another gameplay aspect of the upcoming PSP game Fate/Extra CCC


The inclusion of alternate costumes for Servants, of which you can change at will within the game anytime! :Dc