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After some mishaps at the overly cautious, dat white nyan nyan in black finally found her way to her master’s den… ^_~

Upped for PO at the end of Summer last year, Figma Kamineko “Sei Tenshi Kamineko” Ver. is finally being released to the wild mid last Moon…

Being a Dengekiya Online Shop exclusive, of course I had to rely on a third-party deputy service to receive her in my stead before rerouting her transfer to my direction…




Looks like Figma Kamineko is finally upped for pre-order…

Tama-chan sensed Goshujin-sama has already placed a tractor beam onto Dengekiya in order to secure one white kitten… ^~^



Weeks before GSC’s resident Figma-holic Nitohei-san hinted revealed thru his Tweet that a special version of Kuroneko, as seen in the latest volume of Ore Imo light novel series, will make her appearance in Figma form soon!

And sure this Black Kittie did! :Dc