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Making a Stand!

Obitsu, one of the top contenders of Volks in the line of 1/3 musume making industry, has finally decided to introduce a doll stand of their own

Obitsu is known for their superb anime chara based action dolls series, with many releases of fan favourites from the smaller 1/6 Pure Neemo series like Ika Musume, to the 1/3 sized Hybrid Active Figure like the upcoming Senhime from the anime Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Girls..

In case you don’t and/or never aware of it, Obitsu actually have their own line of limited dolls series just like Volks’s highly popular Dollfie Dream series musume! ^^;



Dollfie Dream to A–so–bo–!

Fellow DD Meisters, InnovaDDos, comrade parents out there!

Ever fancy pampering your musume-tachi and have them PSP-Ad-Hoc’d to play along with you? XDc

Now you can! ^~^