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I am C-3PO, Human-Cyborg Relations

Ever since I got the much sought after Millennium Falcon of the original trilogies (There is a new, updated but still mostly the same one under the new movie brand), I lamented over the lack of droids included in its roster of 6 different mini-figs (Luke Starkillerkywalker, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Leia Organa, Darth Vader & Obi-Wan Kenobi)…

Since then, I’ve been searching for external add-ons, from loose sets found at various sites. Unfortunately, most of them looked rather bland (Older designs are pretty basic, mind you) so I ended up not buying any. Then I got the Jedi Interceptor from Revenge of the Sith, which includes an R2 unit. Now what’s left is that blabbermouth goldie… w

A few weeks back, upon random surfing at my local hobby store’s website, I stumbled upon this polybag on sale. It’s suppose to be a cheap purchase-with-purchase in the States, retailed at about USD 3.99 (I believe?) but bloated to about MYR 60 (USD 14), all thanks to the weak forex here. :/


Anyway, I immediately grabbed this LEGO Star Wars 5002948 C-3PO, along with an extra (Will elaborate on that in later review post w) to be eligible for free shipping. w 

A fine example of false advertisement, the sachet shows Threepio in his glorious golden coat of bling-bling-ness, but the actual mini-fig is far from that, features only a dull orange-brownish matte gold as his base colour… orz



Join Me, and Together, We Can Rule the Galaxy…

Before entering the Golden Screen Cinemas located at Gurney Plaza on my island to watch the much-anticipated Love Live! School Idol Movie, I’ve paid a visit to the nearby Toys ‘R’ Us store for a stroll before screening hours. 

Apparently they are having a Star Wars weekend sales there, most likely to coincide with the hype surrounding the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.

There was even a promotion going on: when you purchased more than RM 200 worth of LEGO Star Wars stuff, you’ll get a chance to build a mini X-Wing vs TIE Fighter diorama on site.

Naturally, kids and collectors alike surrounded the booth eagerly, many amassed a number of LEGO Star Wars products on hand…

I saw a lady grabbed a total of four sets of the buildable Darth Vader, which I remembered watching the review video on YouTube some time back. It is an impressive figure so to speak, I thought I should get one for myself. =w=

Unfortunately, a brief search through the promotion area yielded no result, the said set nowhere to be found at all. Disappointed I had to resign and head towards the cinema for the movie.


After enjoying the said movie (Feels a lot like a Disney movie due to its constant unexplained time skips and sudden musical sequences, as well as rather strange “search your true feelings” scenes…), I went back to the store for a round 2, just to pass time before my pick-up vehicle arrives. 

To my delight I found the LEGO Star Wars 75111 Darth Vader set sitting there at an obscure part of the store far away from the promotion area, and is one of the two last remaining stock! Of course I grabbed the box immediately. XDc


The Day of the Force

Star Wars Day is celebrated worldwide annually on the 4th of May by avid fans of the Star Wars Saga.


For the uninitiated Padawans, “May the Fourth” sounds a lot like the catch phrase “May the Force Be with You!” from the movies… thus the celebrated date!


Only Imperial Stormtroopers Are So Precise…

Only recently I’ve been notified of the existence of this LEGO set, along with the discovery of a new LEGO store on my island. :3c

Paying a visit to the aforementioned specialised LEGO store netted me another impulse acquisition. 


Prior to this, my collection of LEGO 7965 Millennium Falcon on Star Wars Day last year had me eager for some Stormtrooper minifigs due to the lack of them in the set.


Intercepting the TIE of the Jedi

Bricks and studs assembly going on a roll!

As mentioned last time, I have acquired yet another LEGO Star Wars set, just shortly after I got the 75030 Microfighters Millennium Falcon


First seen during the last of the Prequel movies (Episode III: Revenge of the Sith), the Eta-2 Actis-Class Light Interceptor (Most commonly known as the Jedi Interceptor due to its heavy use by the Jedi Generals throughout the end days of the Clone Wars) is a Starfighter purposely designed to bridge the gap between the Prequel Trilogy and Original Trilogy. :3