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In the Spirit of Digivolving

Finally, after decades of waiting, the transformable line of Digimon action figures finally make a come back, now better designed and proportioned!

Must not miss this one this time around like I did my childhood! =w=

From the official site:

A worldwide hit in the early 2000’s the monumental transforming figure series, “Digivolving Figures” achieved “evolution” through physical transformation. This concept is pursued this time to the highest level. The pre-evolution “cuteness” and post-evolution “coolness” as well overall proportions are replicated using the newest sculpting technology. The finish of the final product is also given special consideration, using die-cast and chrome finish on some parts.


Striving to be the ultimate Digimon transforming figure series for collectors, this is “Digivolving Spirits”.

The basic concept of the “Digivolving Spirits” series is to achieve designs that weren’t possible with the technology of the earlier “Digivolving series”. The first release, WarGreymon, follows in the footsteps of the basic transformation from the “Digivolving series”.

But improvements to the joint system and the overall balance have resulted in a true Digivolution of the figure’s proportions. The result is a transforming figure that’s nostalgic and fresh at the same time.


「Why Throw Away Your Life So Recklessly? 」

Continuing from the previous analysis of Megatron in his robot mode, it is time for us to have a thorough research on his alternate mode…




My (Ani)Beats, Your (Ani)Song

Yesterday, the announcement of various guests of Penang Anime Matsuri 2017 surely have roused the attention of various fans all over the region.


Ticketing and other stuff have yet to be decided, but do follow the official site for more updates.

1st up, the guest artistes of I Love Anisong x AniBeats concert~!


Guests For a Summer Wonderland

Penang Anime Matsuri 2017 will be receiving an impressive line-up of guests this year it seems, third time’s the charm!


Just look at the list of guests! 


「I Would Have Waited an Eternity For This」

Ever since the release of the inferior incarnation of the so-called “Masterpiece”, designated as MP-05, many fans cried out for a proper rendition of the tyrant that is the Decepticon leader, Megatron. 

Over the years, many third-parties took up the challenge with their own creations, some good, some not so; But all of them significantly better than MP-05.

It wasn’t until the surprise announcement last year that the fans finally got their wish fulfilled: the MP-36, or as most of us refer him as, Megatron 2.0. And with that, the quote (The title of this post) from the 1986’s Transformers: The Movie takes on a new meaning… w


Pre-ordered via Taobao in bid to lessen the shipping cost, my package arrived just over a week ago, and I’ve fiddled with the Masterpiece ever since.

As always, clad in the standardised Masterpiece style box art design, the outer shell is littered with pictures of the product itself as well as various information and features.

Aside from the usual logos, curiously there is an extra one not seen on earlier entries: Long Life Design. Apparently this is an award bestowed upon Takara Tomy’s Masterpiece line of toys, so I expect future MPs will have this logo on their boxes as well. (more…)